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Social media is a common and still developing source of connection, especially among young people. The article Randi Zuckerberg inadvertently promotes Facebook’s new privacy controls attracts public attention to the issue of Facebook privacy as one of the most popular social networks with a large number of users. It shows that openness and confidentiality provided by the website were not such successful recently as its supporters wanted. Placing personal facts increases the risk that they can fall into the hands of third parties and be used by them. For example, such a situation happened even with Randi Zuckerberg, the former marketing director of Facebook, when another person posted her photo to Twitter.

Afterwards, the company changed the privacy settings of its users. However, social networking continues to influence person’s privacy to a great extent. In fact, the ownership of content remains unclear. There are no regulations (case law and statutory laws) about ownership of virtual personal property. The terms of owing and controlling the posted content depend on the social networks. Thus, there raise the questions: who really owns the content? How can a user own it if he/she does not have the full control over it? Facebook has its own legal terms of service, which directs the responsibilities and rights of users including account security, information sharing, and privacy issues first of all. According to it, the user owns all the posted information and content on the website and can manage their exchange through the application and privacy settings.

In summary, Facebook, as well as other social networks, should take steps for protecting the privacy of their users. Otherwise, social media can do more harm than good for people, jeopardizing their privacy and the right to security. The ability to view photos in certain segments makes the management of content more user-friendly, but it is still imperfect and needs improvement. That is why the subject remains relevant and worth discussing.

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