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Slavery Essay Example

The strange activity of slavery contributes a lot to the American’s past “with its abolition by Lincoln’s Emancipation Proclamation (1863) and the Thirteenth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution (1865)” (Engerman et al. “Slavery for historical statistics”). To Africa, the act of slavery on land dates to the start of the European settlers with its effects to all areas of British colonies in American land. Because of the separation of settlers in Africa and America, following the change which established two separate groups concerning slavery brought about withdrawal from the political federation and start of civil war between 1861 and 1865 and left a unique history that continues to raise debates in the current times (Engerman et al. “Slavery for historical statistics”).

Slavery Essay Introduction

Statistics dating back the late 18th century to mid 19th century, coupled by the farm and industrial benefits brings the economical sense of slavery. Differently, the slave organization, the basic moral and religious values, the country’s codes of conduct and values, unity of the nation and abolishing of slavery were among others the key subjects that created divisions in the United States of America. Therefore, this paper debates on the controversy created by slavery in the United States during the late eighteenth century to the mid nineteenth century period calling for necessary measures by affected parties to protect their interests.

Slavery in America Essay Sample

Complicated complexities of slavery also took place in historical Central Europe, Africa, and Asia. Considering slavery in the view of political and economic force, in America it was much connected to the economic complex involving intellectual and artistic achievement or expression in commercial farming and was free from corruption activities. The thorough organization and calculations created the basis for “later technical literature on agronomy and animal husbandry” (Moore 111).

Despite resistance from the moral issues, the distinctive characteristic of slavery could not be avoidable because it contributed a lot to market management’s survival where slavery organizations formed the backbone for economy and a reference point of doubtful situations of societal management. The importance of slavery caused a renowned settler George Washington to retain his slaves despite the undertaking looking unprofitable (Moore 112).

Justifying Slavery

The traditional connection existing between master and his servants encouraged slavery as it had economical value where a master could not own slaves. In addition, the racial segregation encouraged slavery as like in the case of Negros being inferior to the whites justifying slavery (Moore 142). The law of nature as in the Speech of Stephens can support it where there exists distinction from the Creator distinguishing the highest and the lowest scale on earth, which separates and clearly indicates the distinctive features of administration (Baird 256). Religions recognized slavery but under certain conditions where the is no sense to unifying harmonizing whatever God separated and to many whites, slavery kept the gap such that the Negros will never be equal to them.

The USA Constitution

The USA constitution had favors for the whites who made it while still practicing slavery in the Union states and this was much in harmony with the essential American importance. Because of the valuable interests, there was the need to maintain and protect the social correctness, concerns and respect of the Union states, the unity of the Union could be at threat by terminating slavery (Paterson et al. 270). Moreover, in the interest of development, there could not be restriction to the settlers of the developing areas to practice slavery because they could do it at their pleasure: it was legal.

Slavery in the United States and Moral Values of Human Being

On the other hand, slavery was against the moral values of human being and many colonies like French considered abolishing slavery in the nineteenth century. In the USA, abolitionists like Garrison, Republicans like Lincoln, and Steven saw slavery an intolerable organization depriving people their own rights. Movements supporting abolishing of slavery enjoyed the support from individual to party levels in the nineteenth century especially 1830s when fundamental steps to abolishing slavery were in force (Paterson et al 23). The strategies of such reformists in the electoral campaigns of the 1860 were set to abolish slavery and considered not to extend to the newly settled areas. The act of keeping a human being as slave disregards the will of the Creator as he created human beings to be equal and neither could hold the other as his possession (Baird 335).

The Thirteenth Amendment and Declarations of Independence

In order to bring equality, abolishing slavery was necessary because the constitution (Declarations of Independence) provided spontaneous justice to all including the slaves and thus there should be equality to the Negros working in the farms and their white masters. The benefits that settlers obtained came from the sweat of the slaves: then why not consider them for their rights as this violates the constitution.

In addition, the formation of the United States of America as a nation retained the basis of the Union. Therefore, differences taking place within the United States could not disturb the unity of the confederation states because the republicans were out to protect the likes of the constitution (Paterson et al 23). The differences brought by the quest to abolish slavery could only then make the United States be a very free slave country or a slave one and the Declarations of Independence supports this.

The threat brought by development indicated that continuing expansion of territories had the potential of increasing slavery and hence the need to check it despite how long it could take, the need was there to see the black and the white live in harmony.

Essay on Slavery Conclusion

It was during the period of 1793 and 1860 when the issue of slavery had great possibility of creating arguments. This was because of the two extreme ends concerning slavery had their values that they held dear concerning the general scope of slavery, the fundamental social and spiritual values, the written laws of governance and the unity of the United States of America. Therefore, the two opposing groups had determination to continue with their activities that had benefit to them. The fear that creating tensions with opposing parties could deny or affect the values they much treasure and hence the hesitations to either retain or abolish slavery.

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