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George Washington had once noted that he has always considered marriage to be the most fascinating event in a person’s life, which serves as the foundation for either happiness or misery. This phrase expresses my own feelings and understanding of the marriage institution, since it is marriage that was the most significant happening throughout my life; moreover, this is one thing, which has shaped all aspects of my life. However, I would like to add that it was the successful marriage that has made me well-built, confident and happy.

I got married 6 years ago, and this turned out to be a successful marriage, which had brought my life in order and shaped it up in an appropriate way; therefore, it was a pleasure for me to discover myself living with my husband and building a family step by step. Facing of stresses, demands and expectations, dealing with ever changing pressures were the biggest challenges for me throughout my life. I needed a focal management and strategy to help me reframe my experiences and emerge with a balanced perspective. Marriage and feeling the support of a successful partner eliminated the most negative aspects of my character, and this was a worthwhile influence. For instance, when I had to deal with an unpleasant experience and ask myself: “˜Who am I?’ and “˜What can I do right now?’; it prompted me to remember the qualities and attributes that I aspire in my partner; this memory alone had been giving me strength to pull through the problem.

Nobody can admit that he or she is perfect or ideal. However, my inner feeling was as though I could have achieved this state of the spirit just by being close to my partner. In fact, my husband could highlight my strengths as they are. From the sense of my acquired inner strength, understanding and gratitude, I began to see that, albeit facing life’s challenges, I was able to comment on my own experience with my self-esteem intact. These realizations grew a nascent sense of confidence, at first quiet and reticent, but increasingly assured and reinforced by the knowledge that if I do not live my life perfectly, I fully appreciate that perfection does not exist. Undoubtedly, marriage had taught me about the state of confidence and how I can develop it as a skill to draw on when I need it at most.

For some of us, the notion of living in the present moment is a highly desirable goal, yet it was one of the outcomes that I had learnt to achieve. Does it imply that we have no concern for the future?’ No, my husband shared with me that living in the present does not mean that I have to forget the past or future; just as I do not have to give up my goals or passively consent to anything that comes on my way during lifetime. I can recall that I was personally concentrated around the past in my thought, and this train of thought was preventing from facing the upcoming challenges or feeling optimistic about my future. Therefore, being in the world now and enjoying the moment is infinitely more viable than being scared of the future.

In conclusion, marriage is the most significant event throughout my life, which has turned a new and effective chapter in my life by giving knowledge about myself or creating a positive feeling and confidence, as well as inspired me towards living in present with being happy and strong, rather than digging into the past.

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