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There are many websites today that have been setup to serves organizations in many different ways. Website can be used to make advertise and sale goods and services online, post news and address any communication needs, entertain and even educate people. With many people establishing websites to cater for their needs, there is growing demand for individuals writing for the web to know how to write articles in correct design so as to meet the needs and purpose of the particular website. The quality of website created is a determining factor to the success of thee website in helping the organization achieve it purpose. Looking at some of the websites that have been regarded as the best, one would notice the outstanding quality of writing that characterizes the web. Many individuals surfing the web are always impatient and understanding this fact will push a writer to create web content that seek to address this issue.

Analysis of life techcruch.com

Tech crutch is a weblog that was established in 2005 and is dedicated in the profiling and reviewing of new internet products and companies (TechCrunch). According to the Time Magazine, TechCrunch is ranked as one of the overrated website in 2009. TechCrunch seems to have achieved this rank by it having a number of elements that are desirable of any good blog. The blog has articles that are shorter which are more preferred than long articles. With short articles, the readers of the blog will be able to get the information easily without being leaving the articles. Some of these articles have words that are less than 1000.

The articles found in TechCrunch web blogs are with the readers in mind. As the weblog concerns itself with internet technology and companies, the weblog packs rich articles that are informative and up to date regarding numerous internet technologies and firms engaged in the development of this technologies. Articles in the weblogs are also direct and concise with unnecessary usage of adverbs and adjectives being avoided.

TechCrunch blogs employ headings that make it easy for readers to find the articles and read them. This in turn improves the utility of the weblog. These factors have therefore contributed in making TechCrunch one of the overrated weblogs.

Analysis of life hacker.com

Lifehacker was ranked as one of the best weblog in 2009 by the Time Magazine. This weblog is dedicated in posting of tips, shortcuts and downloads meant to make computer users do their things smarter and in efficient way. Established in 2005, lifehacker is a weblog packed with content that are relevant and written in an easy to understand manner. The weblog utilizes powerful language especially in writing headings and thus making them catchy to the readers. An example of such a heading is “The Geek’s Vacation checklist” featured in the weblog (lifehacker).Subheadings are also used in this weblog and thus keep the reader reading further on a particular article of interest.

The weblog has articles arranged in paragraphs that are short and easy to understand. These paragraphs are arranged in a suitable manner that enables them to be read well as well as conveying a single thought. The sentences in the paragraphs are simple and do not confuse the readers and their outcome is that the writers are able to communicate quickly and in an efficient manner. These elements thus make lifehacker one of the best weblogs that is effective and informative to its readers.

There is a high need for writers to learn skills on how to write well for the web. This will ensure that weblogs and other web content achieve their purpose for readers will be able to read and understand their content and in the end, the value of weblogs and websites improve.

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