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The internet is defined as a worldwide network of interconnected computers that use the IPS to enable data exchange all over the world. The internet has changed our lives and the way we transact business. It has become an integral part of our lives that we wonder how we can live without it. In this essay, we will examine the effect of the internet on our lives. We will also look at how the internet relates to business and how it has made business easier to transact.

The internet is very important in our lives. Life has become smooth and quite easy on the internet than in previous years. It has impacted in almost all spheres of live. Starting from the minor daily activities like traveling or planning relates to the internet. Inquiring about flights, booking online, and even knowing departure time involves the use of the internet.

The other aspect that the internet has taken by storm is entertainment. By logging in to the internet, one can listen to his/her favorite music, watch his/her favorite videos, and or upload that is interesting. Musicians’ profile is all over the internet and one can update himself on the progress of his favorite musician. Playing games has never been made easier than using the internet (Effects of the internet on our daily lives)

Any pieces of information regarding our daily lives are over the internet. Cosmetic techniques for women or men’s health problems and their cures can be found on the internet. Tips on how to make one’s popular dish are also on the internet. Almost all the global and local newspapers are on the internet and just by a click away, one is updated on what is on his/her favorite newspaper without going out to the vendors.

Another part where the internet has taken by storm regards sending and receiving information. Communication has been made cheaper and simple by the internet. Through some social sites like Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, and YouTube the passage of information, sharing of photos, chatting, and sharing of private information is so simple (Effects of the internet on our daily lives).

Internet and business

The business has also been impacted big time by the internet. A term that best describes a business run on the internet or uses internet technologies to improve profitability or productivity is e-business. People have discovered various ways they can use the internet for business. They have discovered that by using the internet, their business can grow, earn greater revenue and save money and their visibility is increased due to many people visiting the internet (The internet).  

The internet helps businesses in advertising. Creating a website that benefits businesses due to the fact that people can market their products and services without using the traditional ways like the use of newspapers. Online marketing saves money for the company that could otherwise be spent on traditional marketing. The internet has also enabled a larger customer base for businesses due to many people visiting the internet. People conducting their businesses over the internet have a higher potential of gaining more customers around the world and because the internet is open 24 hours a day (Richard C. 2010).

Another area where businesses have benefitted is from networking due to the availability of the internet with other business people and organizations. Some business people have their blogs or websites in their field of specialization where they can talk about the challenges and rewards of their business and about online business. It has also been found that businesses that do transact their businesses over the internet can save money on office paper like paper and pens. Instead of sending faxes of multiple papers, businesses can correspond over via email or set a paperless eFax account (Richard C. 2010).

Since the discovery of the internet a few years ago, it has had a huge impact on our lives that some people feel like they cannot do without it. Communication has been simplified and now people can connect and chat in real-time, share photos, files, money, or talk one-on-one over the internet. Reading newspapers, class notes and all the favorite stories are over the internet. Businesses have also not been left behind. They have utilized the internet to save money on advertising, they have gained a larger consumer base due to the growing popularity of the internet. Networking has also been enhanced and tones of papers can be saved now that eFaxing is possible rather than the traditional method of using paper to send faxes.

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