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On the 30th of March 2007, the American intelligence and other top government legal advisors met in Washington D.C. to discuss the skyrocketing capture cases of security agencies overseas. The major concern was that the capture of the security personnel overseas could result to multiple threats, especially to the nation, if proper actions are not taken (field comment: it is the work of the intelligence group in the United States to ensure that the security of the nation is not at stake. It is also stated that the security of the nation can only be maintained if the security agencies, entrusted with the role of maintaining security in the country, are assured of their security as they carry out their daily duties ( Global Maritime Intelligence,2005).

According to reliable reports from the scene, the Iranian hard-line, revolutionary Guards captured 15 British sailors and marine sailors in the Persian Gulf. It was a move that the Iranians took after the emergence of the heightened tension between Iran and the West (source comment: the capture is seen as a revenge mission by the Iranian government over the compromised relationship with the west). From the scene, a boat was seized, when it was carrying out a routine inspection of a merchant ship inside Iraqi waters. According to the statement that was made by the Iran’s Prime Minister, “the Britons were operating on the Iranian waters and would be held for more investigations to be carried out”. Iran’s President described the Britain as arrogant for failing to apologize after operating on their water. However, the British claimed that the captured soldiers were on the Iraq water upon the incidence. They also demanded for an unconditional release of the seized soldiers.

The intelligence is highly concerned that the hard-line group could be used by several government agencies to further their selfish interests. They are therefore likely to capitalize on capturing security agencies to send signals to the West that they are targeting them. More so, there are worries among the intelligence members that there have been a lack of improved security that can be used by the security agencies overseas to monitor the situation, and that the Iranians capturers could be having (field comment: Iran’s president seems to be unmoved and further claims that the western is arrogant that they are not apologetic after they intruded Iran’s waters. He may not hold a discussion with the western due to what he may perceive as a weakness. Therefore, unless the west devices mechanisms to fight the attacks, Iranians will continue to indulge in the capturing malpractices).

From what was observed, there are urgent measures that need to be put in place to ensure that the safety of the patrol units in water bodies is ensured. The seizure of the British security personnel reveals that there is a gap in the safety measures that are designed to protect the marines and the sailors. This issue needs to be addressed with a high degree of precision that it deserves to protect the capture of more sailors as they carry on with their roles. If there was safety for the sailors and the marines, they could have noted in advance and avoid the hijackers. The pattern of the event also shows that the hijackers could be using modernized technology to scrutinize the movements of the sailors and the marines before they hijacked them.

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