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The clinical work, I must admit that, is one of the jobs that are as a result of sheer calling. It is not the kind of work that you can undertake if you do not have a passion and sense of humanity. This is largely because by its very nature one is likely to encounter all kinds of scenarios he or she can ever imagine. In the clinical field more often than not there is not the kind of salary one earns that gives him or her the courage and strength to wake up each and every day and go to the work places just like the people in other mainstream careers, but it is that drive and urge for the service to humanity that counts for a lot.

I state categorically here that the sight of a suffering human being is not very tolerable and easy to take in every day. For a person with humane feelings to see a fellow human being wriggling in pain as a result of illness is something that is outright demoralizing and pitiful. My twenty year experience in nursing has been of great help to me. It did strengthen, solidify and crystalize a deep feeling of pity and urge to care for the less fortunate individuals in our society. It is of great importance if each one of us feels the need to take care and love his or her neighbor because when God created us He did put us all in the face of the earth so that we can be of great help to each other and help each other to carry their burdens in life, because when a problem is shared then it becomes very easy for the party who is affected by that problem because they feel that they are cared for and that there are people somewhere who are ever ready to give them the much needed love and affection that is very crucial for a higher self-esteem and self-worth.

One may be tempted to ask me the question and in deed and in name to explain in exactly what ways have I, as an individual, helped our society and indeed the general citizenry of this great country of ours? In the course of my life I have made many people afford a smile by doing that which, if it was absent in their lives then, they would have lead a very gloomy life, that is characterized by despair and hopelessness.

To begin with, I do make monthly visits to various orphanages where I donate numerous items that are crucial for their everyday survival. I do purchase two thousand tons of foodstuffs for the caretakers to feed the children. I also buy them several dozens of pieces of clothes so that they look smart and presentable. I am also accompanied by a group of friends and we conduct various fun activities in order to rob them of any loneliness and boredom that may be in them. By the end of the day they go to bed feeling very loved and really cared for by all and sundry.

I also run a foundation that does sponsor bright children who are disadvantaged by their background. This kitty is provided on the basis of the need of each person with much allocation going to the children from those very poor and especially those who are orphans. This sponsorship assists them for their high school level from where we connect them to those who sponsors people to the institutions of higher learning in order to ensure continuity in their education flow. So far over six hundred people have benefited since its inception five years ago.

I have also liaised with healthcare facilities from time to time and sponsored checkups for various illnesses that afflict many people in our society today. The tests include those of all types of cancers, diabetes, hypertension and eye illnesses. We have also been pitching tents in various locations, especially in the states whose populace are majorly low income earners. This helps to eliminate the cost of medical care because free medical drugs and diagnosis are administered to them.

In conclusion, it can be seen that one need not be a millionaire in order to engage him or herself in philanthropy but it takes a caring heart and rank empathy. It is very important to make somebody smile as a result of something you do to change their sorry state of affairs. To me this is so satisfying and desirable of all of us in the community.

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