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Marta Minujin is a famous voice of the Argentinean avant-garde art scene in the 1960s and 70s with a sparkling international career which had helped in determining the conversation about media, performance, and participation. Minujin is repeatedly mentioned as one of the pioneers of activities

This is one of the greatest exhibition in America . It includes many sort of exhibitions which includes Calzadilla’s Puerto Light exhibition in which beautiful and fabulous combinations of colorful lights had been shown . Then a great colour exhibition which was done in 2008 in which through the use of many colours a “Cromosaturacion” has been made and shown to the people which had touched the hearts of people and made them entertained a lot . Then beside this there was a painted photographs exhibition also in which beautiful photographs made by painting are shown from all over the world . It had made this exhibition more interesting as all the painting lovers and the painters or photographers could participate in this and could also come and view and even buy their favourite photographs . Along with the painted photographs exhibition there was the Man and Myth exhibition also which would give information to the viewers about the old age of man and about the ancient heroes of America. Then this also includes Emancipatory Action exhibition which was conducted only on 2007 which entertained the people a lot and had also given popularity and fame to this exhibition . Then in the same year there was a Argentine Contemporary Artists exhibition . In which all the artists had been represented , along with their articles , works , information and pictures . Which had helped the people to increase their knowledge. Many artists all over the world which are no more had also represented through this exhibition. Then beyond geography 40 years of visual arts at the Americans Society exhibition held in 2005 ,was a great discovery of this program in which many new and old inventions are shown , a lot of physical art work had also shown in this exhibition . It is quite useful and an educational exhibition which had given people the awareness of scientific inventions. Then reproducing Nations exhibition in which types and costumes in Asia and Latin America had been shown which could be used in comparison between America and Asia . Then beside all these there was a Castas exhibition too in which different casts and dresses of people had been represented which had impressed many people of America and people who had come from all over the world.

In this exhibition many famous books are also placed which are very useful item for the people to get knowledge . Along with this it includes a Textile exhibition also in which a lots of fabulous textiles work are represented . So as it could be seen that Marta Minujin exhibition had done a lots of exhibition which are all very useful and interesting also for the people .

Minucodes revisits an early on project developed by the artist in 1968 at the CIAR which is known as Center for Inter-American Relations .Now America’s Society. For the Minucode purpose Minujin had composed social data through a sequence of cocktail parties attended by many readers all over the world who had responded to questionnaires which had been posted in the press by her.

Drawing from strategies similar to the occurrence, and verity of cinema, Minujin had staged an immersive electronic situation in the gallery by the use of recording from the parties, and set a series of light and sound environments which had created by selected guests in nearby room. The light environments were association between Minujin and artist Tony Martin.
All the way through original footage freshly improved and archival and digitalized documents, MINUCODEs had illuminated this early on work by a basic voice of the neo-avant-garde scene in Latin America in the 1960s. Other additional documentation on Circuit and collaboration with Allan Kaprow and Wolf Vostel, would also be on put on show.

The Visual Arts program is proud to be the longest standing private space in the United States Of America devoted to exhibiting and promoting art from Latin America, the Caribbean and Canada it has been acquired a distinctive and well-known leadership place in the field, producing both historical and contemporary exhibitions. The Visual Arts program usually re present three exhibitions annually of which each accompanied by a chain of public and educational programs featuring exceptional artists, curators, critics and many scholars also. The Visual Arts program had produced exhibition structures as well as scholarly publications by including the determining work. A Principality if its own : 40 years of visual Arts at the Americas society . This program is also being supported in part with public funds from the New York City department of the current affairs .

The restaging of Marta Minujin’s Minucode had provided a particular event to consider again some of the ways in which the art of media and mediation had been thought through from the 1960. Might it could be through the light social tinkle of cocktail chatter or the flutter and tweet of the signal of satellite and the radical presence of Minucode in its contemporary relevance had shown the artists also to have been some thing of a temporal medium.

From my vision these sort of exhibitions are very necessary as it also includes speeches and conferences and debates also on educational point of views and on others different useful topics which provides many people a lot of information which they need. Beside this these exhibitions along with educational and informational are quite interesting too as it provides a platform entertainment by its fabulous art and painting and science and light and many other exhibitions. It should not be done in USA but it should be done all over the world.

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