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It is a common situation when pupils see their lives changing a lot through graduating from school and starting their college life. I was not exclusion, thus, I always thought that after becoming a college student I will immediately become adult and independent. Changing the surrounding I have been in for years to something completely different, meeting new people and getting new experience meant a lot to me, even though I was quite stressed and scared thinking about it. Therefore, the day when I became a college student was a life-changing experience that made me realize the values of the adult life and opened to me the door to the future.

I was quite jealous of events my older friends have, who were college students .They were telling me and about  being much less restricted and monitored by their parents and teachers. I kept wishing to graduate from school faster and become a college student, and finally the great dream has come true. It was the morning when I was preparing to go to my first day at the college. I still remember the road to the college and how I make my last tentative steps approaching the building. I was utterly excited, although the worrying thoughts about the beginning of something new and unknown were buzzing in my head.

First, when I entered the building, I was very surprised that it looked quite similar to my school while I expected it to be somehow very different and probably superior. So it made me feel quite welcome and almost at home, although I was still looking around with no idea what to do and where to go. I clearly remember the moment when I was standing in the hallway feeling so embarrassed. I thought I looked awkward with the huge bag and with the surprised almost scared expression on my face. At that time I realised the childhood had gone and my parents would not be there to stand for me. From now, I had to be strong, face the adult life and be ready for the change. In one moment, I undergo the need to take over the situation.  I worked it out that other students were crowding in front of the notice board, and I followed them. That was the place where I met the senior student who saw my confusion and was eager to help. I was so grateful for starting to talk to me and being easy-going. He encouraged that all students went through it. He introduced himself and provide with general information about the college. He explained everything I was interested in, showed me around, and helped me find the right room for the first class.. Having met a friendly person and received the necessary information put my mind on ease immediately. I still had to meet my class mates, however, I was not scared anymore. This situation emphasised on the importance of having true friends who are ready to help you.

Thus, my memories of the first day at college are connected with the realization that I am not a child anymore. Furthermore, I should be responsible for my future. Realizing the new values of an adult life changed me from being a scared child into a self sustainable adult who is happy to help friends and does not deny receiving help from friends in return. I used to underestimate the meaning of friendship, but on the very first day at college I understood how important it is to have friends who would never give you a cold shoulder.

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