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Musical tastes of every person evolve together with the overall person’s development. I believe I am not an exception out of this rule. Back in childhood, I enjoyed listening to classical music, as that was what my parents and teachers acquainted with in the first place. Being a teenager sometimes makes one’s life make a U-turn, and same can be said about the musical tastes. I was listening to rap first, then my tastes changed under the influence of my friends, and rock became the choice of my life. As the grown up life began, I became pickier about the music choices, and made my final choice in favor of country music. It was not basing my preferences on someone’s advice, or random replacement of the old music I used to listen to. It was a fully considered, properly reasoned decision, made by a developed individual whom I consider myself now.

Country music deeply interacts with a lot of events in the life of American society. It reflects the soul of it. I love it in general, but the fiddle is the irreplaceable element of any country band, at least the way I see it. It opens up the soul of the performer, makes the images, described in the song, come to life. Besides, I really like the idea of country music origin, as it is and always was created by people, mostly unknown to the rest of the nation. It is the content of this music that makes it popular and known by so many people, including me. Country’s joyful melody allows me to relax, forget about the everyday troubles and routine of the life. It sounds in absolute harmony with the surrounding world, as its sounds are very nature-like, uniting the listener with the surrounding world. Music really makes me happy and brings sense into my life.

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