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In the Princess who saved herself, it is clear that the princess is a brave girl since she is living all alone in a castle near the waterfall. Reading the lyrics of the song instills a feeling of pity in the reader to understand that she does not have parents. In my opinion, the princess is a lover of music and a self oriented person. The fact that she lives alone, is a conviction that she is responsible for all that she does in the castle. According to me, the title of the song, “The Princess Who Saved Herself” is a suggestion that the princess is an independent lady.

The brevity of the princess is enhanced by how she approaches the dragon. The princess could hold the dragon by the tail and tie it to the tree. I feel that her generous and caring character is portrayed when she gives the dragon tea after it cries. In my opinion, the princess holds dear the castle she lives in, since she is scared when the dragon attempts to burn it down. I believe that the princess is a rich girl, since she owns an entire castle alone. While majority may view the princess as being mean, I consider her to be generous and accommodative. She accepts to form a band with the dragon and the witch, whom she bought a dress.

I felt that the princess was a team player, and her loneliness was not by choice. The author was successful in depicting her ability to cooperate, when she forms a band, they called the, “The Kingdom Of The Princess Who Saved Herself.” Therefore, the reader can conclude that the princess is an accommodative lady, caring and cooperative. I also felt that she is a brave lady, and a wise decision maker.

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