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In this course, I have learned about nursing as a science, what constitutes nursing knowledge, the history of nursing theory, theory development and the relationship of research and theory. I also became familiar with different nursing theories and their application to nursing practice. At the outset, I had the notion that theory is a highly abstract subject to study and I would have much difficulty coping. I found out that theory may play the role of a tool that can be broken down into parts, assembled and then used. With understanding of what a theory is, it is easier to see how it can be applied into real life.

I admit that I had no appreciation for theory prior to this course. At work, I faced only the practical part, suggesting that one should work at his or her best. I could not see how theory can help me do my job better. However, taking this course made me realize what the nursing practice really is due to the guidance of theories. Theory is what makes nursing scientific and, therefore, effective. Theory made nursing a profession. In addition, nursing continues to develop as more theories are created. Without theory, nursing would have remained a vocation; without it, clinical problems could never be logically solved.

The greatest experience while studying I got when I faced with clinical issues requiring decisions. Consulting theories is useful in order to make the best decision. Instead of relying on gut feeling or finding myself at a loss, I now ask myself, “What would nursing theorists say I should do in this situation?” By explaining what I encounter in practice, theory has made it easier to view a problem fully and analyze its causes and components. Then, by thinking over the proposed solution, it becomes clear what needs to be done. Adopting theory as a guide gives me the confidence that in my actions, I can now do better than what I thought was my best.

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