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For each person a mother is the dearest and the most sacred person in life. It is very difficult to say what my mother means to me. It is like to write about the value of the sun for all living beings on the planet. The person is connected indissolubly with the mother from the very first minute of the life. “Mother” is the very first word said by a child, and in the most difficult minutes of our life we always address to her.

Thus, my mother is the person, who is very important in my life, whom I greatly respect and admire. Why? It is not difficult to answer. She is a person who gave birth to me, who brought me up and spent most of her free time educating and entertaining me. She is the closest person in the world for me.

My mother’s name is Anastasia. She is as beautiful as her name. My mother has big brown eyes which always sparkle with tenderness and care. I am surprised how she manages to make one thousand affairs. She is a good housewife. She likes to cook tasty meals. She always copes with household chores easily. She finds time on everything as though she has more hours a day than everybody.

My mother is the most wonderful, the best person in the world. When I was small, I was often ill. My mother did not sleep at nights, worried, cured me. I remember how she was teaching me to read, write and draw. She told me fairy tales and at the same time drew them for me. My mother is my best friend, my interlocutor and my assistant. I can ask my mother for help any minute. She will always listen to me, help and support at a difficult moment. I love my mother so much that my life without her is simply unthinkable. She is always near me, so dear, loving and careful. I cannot even mentally separate myself from my mother. She endures my failures and rejoices to my successes together with me. My mother always tries to protect me from wrong acts and steps, but, unfortunately, I do not always follow her advice and then regret very much. I love my mother so much that the power of this feeling cannot be put into words. I want to wish my mother long years of life and good health. And I will try not to upset her.

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