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The hell is a deep place with no end; that is, a bottomless pit. This implies that the hell is a place engulfed in darkness with no lights to laminate the place. Notwithstanding, the hell is surrounded with lakes of fire burning eternally. The light from the burning fire is not adequate to laminate the bottomless pit, which is pitch dark. The hell is under the external surface of the earth with an entrance from the land of the living. The place is a heated place

What are its various sections and areas?

The Hell is categorized into sections and areas to suit the character and actions of the demons and the dead souls therein. It is categorized into areas for fornicators, adulterous, murderous, liars and thieves. Other sections include idolatry, covetous and sections for people who committed other various sinful acts against the will of God to humanity. Predominantly, the hell is divided into sections according to the sinful acts or activities committed by humanity against the wishes and will of the Almighty. Consequently, hell is likely to have varied and numerous sections to group the individuals according to their violations.

Is there punishment at this place?

The devil and other demons are the creatures fundamentally created for the hell. However, people who decline the gracious offer of the Lord in terms of salvation will face eternal punishment in hell. It, therefore, means that the hell is a place for punishing the wrong doers who did not live according to the will of God. The hell is an area for everlasting separation from the Lord in which the inhabitants will undergo continuous suffering, pain, torture and anguish. The punishment for the inhabitants of the hell will include emotional sorrow and loneliness despite the presence of other creatures therein.

The heat from the lake of the fire will cause the inhabitants of the hell howling and gnashing of teeth. The creatures within hell will be under continual insecurity and fear. The instability within the place will make people in hell live under uncertainty. Additionally, the dissatisfaction within hell will be an implication that people or creatures within the place are suffering and under punishment. People and other creatures in hell are under punishment because they are separated from the source of life and love in their creator. The inhabitants of hell will be under no celebration of joy because the place is meant for destruction of sinful souls. The people directed to the hell for punishment will encounter an eternal punishment because they will eventually die and have no second chance to live.

Hell is, thus neither a state of the mind or a circumstance but a reality in which the punished individuals will undergo physical torment. For instance, they will not have any water to quench their thirst despite the great heat from the place. The torment from the hell will surpass any torment that has ever been witnessed on earth. Ultimately, hell is no place for a party of celebration; instead, it is a place of torment where the anguish and agony would kill the souls therein.

What creatures might be seen there?

The land of the dead is populated by souls of dead humans as well as the demons and Satan. Hell is not a place for the living. The place will only be visited by the sinful humanity after death and resurrection, upon judgment by God. Thereafter, the people who declined the gift of salvation together with Satan and his angels will be thrown into hell, the bottomless pit constituting of a lake of fire burning for eternity.

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