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We are in the era where the stance of spirituality lies way beyond from the stance of humanity. I am not totally against with the stance, as in some industries the deportment of spirituality is as important as water for life. One of those industries is Hospital Industry; people want to get operated from their relative religion people or doctors. The major concerning issue faced by the hospital employees is the essence of spirituality in the patients which only want doctors and nurses pertains to their religion.

The second general issue which we want to jot down here is the issues pertaining to the job of nurses at their workplaces. I and almost ever one knows that the administration department and other workplace people are non indeed supportive for the nurses, although they have to! To make the workplace a dream place to work. A number of unethical things will be done with the nurses at their workplace which includes sexual harassment as well. The issue is the same in almost every country, which not only makes difficult for the nurses to work in such type of workplaces but also restrain a number of new nurses to join this industry although the industry was the best for girls some decades before. The administration can intervene in this situation and can implement such strategies which will help them to resolve this issue completely. The administration has to give punishment to the people who found guilty while doing such things and the administration must adopt such strategies which will be beneficial for the staff nurses. The administration must care about the privacy issues of the nurses and should make such places where the nurses of the whole staff sit together without any fear of men’s involvement. If such things will be implemented plausibly then we have a wonderful chance to make our workplace a great place to work on.

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