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Rock and roll is one of the most popular music genres in America and most parts of the world. This popularity has also come with its fair controversy. Professor Michael Budds of the University of Missouri- Columbia explains extensively about the disgrace to the American culture and society brought about by rock and roll music (Budd, 501).

Budd acknowledges that no other musical genre has been able arouse so much controversy in these modern times than rock and roll. The bad image associated with rock music has led to a lot of lobby groups campaigning for its censorship. These campaigns have however bolstered the rock and roll industry leading to its rapid growth because rock fans and musicians alike, enjoy being rebellious.

It is logical to state that most bodies campaigning against rock music have little or no knowledge about it and its rich history. Most of these campaigns can be termed as racial due to the fact that rock music integrated both white and black Americans as performers and consumers. In the 1950s however, the negative campaigns against rock music only led to its increase in popularity and success.

One of the main factors that have led to rock music being targeted for censorship is its lyrics. The lyrics of most rock music have been rightly labeled as sexually suggestive, trivial and to a larger extent as obscene. Unlike rock, mainstream American music uses polite and very sophisticated language to convey its message although it can be argued that these two genres differ greatly in terms of their history and target audience. A good comparison can be drawn from Jerome Kern’s classic, “All the things you are” and William ward and Rose Marks’ hit song, “sixty minute man”. Whereas both songs address the subject of sex, Kern uses his words creatively and with much sophistication while Ward and Rose leave nothing to imagination in their very sexual song.

Budd urges critics to be lenient on their judgment towards rock and roll. He acknowledges that the history behind Rock and Roll is what has made it to be what it is today. Owing to the fact that rock music was started by American youth who wanted to change the music industry and society as whole and voice their grievances, rock music was bound to differ from other mainstream American music genres. Through rock and roll, American youth have been able to communicate all of their concerns without apology and any fear of contradiction. Rock and roll music has acted as a platform to integrate and unify blacks and whites in America. African Americans who were among the pioneers of rock and roll used it as a media to air their grievances about racism and slavery. The success of Elvis Presley, rolling Stones among other famous rock musicians is owed to pioneers of rock music, most importantly African Americans. As rock music continues to grow in its popularity, campaigns against it are also expected grow stronger (Budd, 504).

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