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The movie “Sarafina!” is a good example of how movies can be windows into the real life of people. This film shows the struggle of South African people in 1976. The filmmakers touched upon a very emotional and controversial issue. “Sarafina!” has a very powerful message; and story of the film makes the viewer think about the real events that happened in South Africa when people tried to preserve their heritage and identity.

The plot develops in front of the audience though the eye of a young girl called Sarafina. She is the main narrator and we often hear her voice as if she is reading from her diary or thinking aloud. She is very a spirited girl who possesses a strong sense of what is right and wrong. However, she also manages to preserve her sense of humor, love for life and people around her. One interesting feature is that she has a habit of talking to Nelson Mandela’s picture hanging in her house. He becomes her trusted friend and listens to her troubles. Together with that, it becomes a way for the viewers to get a glimpse of Sarafina’s rich inner world and beliefs.

The issues of identity, cultural background, assimilation, and religion are raised in the movie. As a lot of events happen in or around school the history teacher played by Whoopi Goldberg plays an important role in the lives of children. She teaches the approved curriculum but also tries to add information about South African problems, the history of the country and the role of people in it. One can see that this teacher wants her students to think for themselves rather than accept everything that is told by others. Religion is also depicted as important aspect because one can see lots of scenes with people singing prayers or addressing God. This was probably a sense of hope for many people living at that time and something to hold on in times of hardship.

As one can see, the movie illustrates rather a serious and difficult time in the history of South Africa. That is why it is very educational and eye-opening experience. The actors are talented and convey the emotions really well, so the audience is sure to have a good time.

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