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Sexuality is something elusive and difficult to define. Sexuality is an innate quality that develops with age. Can a person learn sexuality or is this a feature given at birth? Sexual attraction is formed under the influence of a certain number of factors. Person’s appearance has an impact on relationships, especially when people first met, but it is not decisive. Therefore, apart from gender roles, sexuality depends on a variety of factors such as physical, cultural, emotional, and biological.

Physiological factors often play an important role in the development of sexuality due to a vast popularity of problems connected with this sphere. Therefore, if they do occur it is advisable to pass general physical and gynecological or urological examination in order to eliminate such causes. To date, people have much more information on the impact of disease, drugs and functional abnormalities on a male sexuality than on a female one. This is due to the fact that most studies have been conducted on the sexuality of men.

The other aspect is culture which has a significant influence on people’s sense of their own sexuality and on the ways through which people express it. These factors affect people’s sexuality and contribute to sexual problems. One of such problems is parenting negative attitudes in childhood. Many of the fundamental and most important settings related to sexuality are learned in childhood. Some people are still affected by the cultural heritage of the past, in which sex was considered a sin. Therapists and researchers often note that the basis for many forms of sexual pathology is a strict religious upbringing and equating sex with sin.

In addition to the cultural environment and the impact it has on sexual feelings and expressions, the source of sexual problems may also appear from emotional or psychological factors. Each of us is a unique and infinitely complex combination of biological, cultural, and emotional elements. All of these aspects of human personality that are beginning to emerge in childhood and continue to develop throughout life are reflected in our sexuality. A person’s reaction to one’s own life experience presents a huge variety of different approaches, so that two individuals may react to the same situation quite differently.

In addition to individual feelings and attitudes, there are many inter-personal factors that may have a significant impact on the degree of satisfaction with the sexual relations. Therefore, it can be concluded that sexuality is a complex issue that combines physiological, biological, cultural, and emotional factors.

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