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Native Americans are not part of the dominant population of America. Most of them live in reserves in Montana and South Dakota among other states. They are faced with abject poverty, desperation due to skewed distribution of employment opportunities and isolation by the predominant white supremacy. In order to fill the social gap, these people engage in all manner of drug abuse. Among the youth, this is a way of making them to forget about their problems, at least for a few moments. The capital-imperialist American society exacerbates their problem because everyone seems to be enclosed in their families, never opening their eyes to the suffering of Native Americans. Lately, a number of organizations that provide a range of services, like social security and in-home care, have come to their rescue.

However, it is still not enough because most of the organizations depend on individual or corporate donations. Therefore, the Federal Government should show social responsibility by meaningfully improving their lives. In the past, social aid has not proved beneficial as it does not solve the fundamental problem of the Native Americans. Long-term remedies like equal employment opportunities and unemployment insurance should come in handy to benefit them. In addition, the Federal Government should change eligibility rules for Medicare to fully accommodate this section of the society. For the elderly old folks, the federal government should give them a monthly stipend, as part of its social responsibility, to sustain them. This will significantly reduce the mortality rates among them and assure them a higher quality of life that most citizens enjoy.

In conclusion, Native Americans still live in reservations even as the country prides itself in being the world superpower. This is manifest insensitivity of politicians in Washington and should be corrected soonest. The Federal Government should extend all social benefits that the mainstream society is entitled to. It is only then that it will have the moral authority to comment on poverty in the third world.

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