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Sports injury is a very common problem affecting the career of many athletes in the whole world. These injuries happen when players engage in particular sporting activities or during training sessions. Injuries may also happen when players engage in poor training practices or wear improper gear while training. Players may suffer several kinds of injuries. They include swollen muscles, pain along the shin bone, fractures, dislocations, sprains, and strains. Great players such as Owen Hargreaves, Michael Beckham and Ashley Young have faced problems in their athletic careers due to sports injuries. Ankle injuries, shoulder injuries and muscle sprains affect most football players.

Athletes may face two types of injuries while engaging in sporting activities. They include acute and chronic injuries. Acute injuries occur suddenly when a particular player engages in sporting activities. Examples of acute injuries include strained backs, sprained ankles, and fractured hands. Signs of acute injuries include extreme arm and leg weaknesses, severe pain and the failure of moving major joints in the body. Chronic injuries occur when a player exercises for a long time. Signs of this type of injury include pin while playing, swellings and pain while exercising. Players should seek medical help incase their injury causes severe swelling and numbness or they feel unstable. Injuries are treated through surgery, immobilization and rehabilitation. Surgery is common in case a particular injury causes torn ligaments and tendons.

An interview was conducted in on a major football club in order to assess whether the problem of ankle and foot injury was common among all athletes. The coach was asked whether they had implemented strategies that would protect the players of this club from injuries. The coach was also supposed to state whether they deal with both chronic and acute injuries. The project idea that was developed in this interview involved seeking the help of  sporting associations, medical experts and players in the fight against sports injuries.

Topic Questions-Opening Questions

1) I know that you are aware of the problem of sports injury. What precautions have you put forward in order to ensure that sports injuries do not affect your players?

2)  Do most players in your sports club observe the safety rules implemented in order to protect them from injury? If not what do you think is the main reason for this.

3) Do you think that all athletes should address the problem of sports injury? If you think it is important for them to do this, what do you think they should do in order to protect themselves from this problem?

4) Has ankle or foot injury ever affected some of your players? Have you ever lost any title because of multiple injuries? Did you implement new strategies to prevent future accidents?

Problem Questions:

1)  Why do you think that sports injury is common among football players, NFL players and rugby players

2) Between chronic and acute injury, which type of injury do you think affects most athletes while they perform their sporting activities. Which type of injury do you think that sports people can easily prevent?

3) Do players take the necessary precautions to help players who may be affected by sport injuries? What further precautions should they take?

Project Questions:

1) Do the policies introduced by major sporting associations guarantee that players are protected from injuries while they are in their athletics career?

2) Is the medical response team quick enough to ensure that minor injuries are treated so that they do not become problematic to the career of the athlete?

3) Are players also contributing in the formulation of strategies that will ensure that they do not suffer from injury while they are in the field?

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