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Years ago, when I was a child, I did not make any difference from the rest of the children and enjoyed playing with toys. One Christmas, when I was already almost eleven years old, my grandma gave me a Teddy bear as a present. At that time I was not so much interested in toys already, but the fact grandma gave it to me made it special. One can say there is nothing special about this bear most of the kids had over the years, but I would have to disagree with this statement.

I was a child and did not know or understand some things. I played with it for some time, but while growing up, I lost interest to it rather quickly. However, it played such a trick to me I could never throw it away. My grandma gave me specific instructions how to treat it. I had to be sure it was always clean and neat, sitting on some solid surface. I had to tell or read him the stories before laying him to bed. I had to do a lot of other things that made no particular sense to me at that time. Later, it all became clear to me.

It was not about the Teddy bear, but the attitude that my grandma wanted to raise in me. She wanted me to grow up and become more responsible, caring, big-hearted man, who would always treat people with the best attitude they deserve. Teddy Bear was a kick-start for my new life. Every day I was realizing there are things I should take care of and be responsible for. Teddy Bear become a symbol, representing the beginning of the new, better me. Not that I was a bad boy before, but this toy reflected on my life such way that even now I still analyze and try to act responsively in every single deed I am involved in. I am the person, able to help the others and manage my own business at the same time. I have the people whom I take care of and I am so glad my grandma presented with this, not but any other toy. This Teddy Bear will be a reminder for me in case one day I forget something I have learnt from it, that is why I keep it on top of the dresser, and maybe one day I will pass it on to my grandkids.

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