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The Meatpacking District is a neighborhood in New York that is considered one of the best New York markets. The district helps to promote and represent business interests in the area. In this way, it has attracted many successful businesses and it is one of the best companies in the world. This market has also become the most fashionable neighborhood in New York. This is because it holds many fashion houses and stores, such as Boss, Mischion and Alexander McQueen. The district is also choked full of exclusive clubs, hip restaurants and boutiques. It is known as the most expensive market in New York but is also known as the most fashionable market. The Meatpacking District has become a national heritage. It is a place where customers and retailers are sure to find traders, butchers, artists, creative thinkers and designers. It is amusing to note that the meat manufacturers have helped to transform the favored city and neighborhood into the best places to shop and be in New York. This does not mean that the Meatpacking District is for meat and meat products only, it has also other industries, such as cigar making industry, transport businesses, express service businesses among many other businesses.

The Meatpacking District


The meatpacking District is a unique and strategic area that accommodates many different businesses and industries. In the beginning, the area focused mainly on meat and meat products. However, in the recent days the district has diversified into many other businesses. The fashion industry has strategically been located in the meatpacking district. This paper seeks to discuss and analyze the history, business, customers and prizes from three different fashion stores, namely Moschino, Hugo Boss and Alexander McQueen.

The Meatpacking District History

The Meatpacking District was developed in the mid 16th century at a vocation spot known as the Greenwich Village located at Fort Gansevoort in New York City. The development of this district took place after the war in 1970. During that time, this particular location was not considered a healthy, secure or desirable place to live. In this case, many family residences, which were located there during that time, were reconstructed into industrial and railroad lines. This leads to heavy industry development in the area. After a short period, new markets erupted in the area, and buying and selling of regional produce was soon introduced. In 1879, brick buildings were developed in the west Washington market. These blocks have a purpose of selling and buying meat, dairy and poultry produce (World Bank, 2009).

In 1900, there were more than 300 packing and slaughter houses in the market of the region. In this way, this particular market place became focused mainly on meatpacking and other meat related activities. However, in the 1960’s there has been a general decline in the water front area. During that time, the distribution pattern of meat and meat products changed immensely from a locally based to a nationally based system. In this way, in the 1970’s meatpacking became one of the key business activities in the area. By 2003, the number of slaughter houses in the region reduced significantly. The meatpacking district became a mere effective meat market that served not only the community but the whole country and other countries, as well.

After many years of construction, the Meatpacking District has become a trendy trading environment which has attracted many fashion outlets in the upper west side of the city. This simply means that fashion retailers and other fashion trend designers and descended upon the city with a bang.

Moschino boutique is a surrealist and modern fashion boutique that features men’s and women’s clothing. It is located in the Meatpacking District. The Moschino boutique collects its accessories and renowned brands from its many brands such as Love Moschino, Moschino Couture and Moschino Chic and Cheap. This means that the Meatpacking District is a unique and famous destination that retails cute and edgy Moschino brands. These are the kinds of fashionable clothes that men and women can wear to work or for a casual look. The Moschino stores are not only fun and girly but also extremely reasonable and friendly. The Moschino shops at the Meatpacking District only serve as proof of the lovely designs (Chevalier & Xiao Lu, 2011).

Meatpacking District Business

Architects, graphic designers, artists, fashion designers, and other creative industries have incorporated along the meatpacking plant. This area has become a cutting edge for culture, food, design and fashion. The Meatpacking District has not only promoted business interests into the region but has also improved the business initiative at the Meatpacking District. In this way, every business owner at the Meatpacking District is part of the community of the area. The Meatpacking District has attracted many different dynamic and creative businesses to the area. In this case, the businesses have enjoyed influential business deals and have flourished on the same. This is because the Meatpacking District promotes a well conducive neighborhood and business area that is able to campaign for public relations, maintain marketing prospects, promote business interests, maintain and manage public spaces and represent the business interests in the community (Tungate, 2008).

Moschino History

Moschino opens its doors to fashion, retail and beauty. Moschino’s designs were mainly designed by the late fashion icon Franco Moschino who not only had a taste for satire, humor and trope but also had a gleefully fashion role in the fashion industry. The fashion icon designed attire from Italian taste and looks. Stepping into the Moschino stores is simply fun and the customer merely takes a bow at the designer’s unique work. The invitation made from a napkin tied around a set of silverware, and front rows filled with stuffed animals are only a few examples that show that Moschino’s brands continues to harness humor and fun in the name and feeling of fashion. The company has enjoyed an irrelevance foundation which allows it to run in a fun and slick way but with a high fashion function (Knox, 2010). In this way, fashion becomes automatically fascinating and represents not only creativity but also a unique and adored collection of one of the best Italian designers. It is clear and evident that Moschino fashion brands speak for themselves and they don’t need introduction. Moschino designs have enjoyed fabulous designs from their playful, stylish approach of fashion.

Hugo Boss History

Hugo Boss started the Boss Company in 1924. In the beginning, the founder of the company was forced into bankruptcy because of the economic climate at the time. However, in 1931, the founder reached an agreement with his creditors and he was able to restart the business once again. Hugo Boss rose from nothing to an extremely popular and one of the most successful fashion businessmen. Currently the company has over 6000 points of sale. It owns over 364 retail stores and 1000 stores in the United States. The company deals with modern, classic clothing which is distributed widely to other lines (Kapferer, 2012). It also offers highly priced clothing, which emphasize the English style and is aimed at reaching a mature market. The Hugo Boss company has multiple agreements with other companies to produce other products, such as children’s clothing, mobile or cell phones skin care and fragrances among many other products.

Alexander McQueen History

Alexander McQueen is a company that was founded in 1992 by McQueen. The original produced and created collections developed a controversial relationship that gained the name of “hooligan” English fashion. It is amusing to note that the company provides and carries women’s and men’s ready to wear accessories. The founder has also produced jewelry, perfume, eye products among many other products. This has not only made the company one of the best fashion companies, but has also made a respectable name for the company and the fashion industry.

Moschino Brand Business

In the past 25 years, the Moschino business has enjoyed considerable success. However, after the death of its founder eye brows remain raised awaiting the fate of the company. The new management of the company has tried to maintain the company’s success by using playful and ironic aspects in a different store designs, accessories and other categories. Critics suggest that the recent designs are only an extension of the solid design work of the founder. This means that Franco Moschino is still the brand name behind the company that brings its success and legitimate business. However, the vital question is “what is waiting for the company in the future? Will the new management fit into Franco Moschino’s enormous shoes?” Moschino brands still enjoy legitimate business from the Italian ring of the Moschino brands. In this year, the brand has not only shifted from its core fashion, but it has also broken out into newer grounds. The newer grounds have been inspired by the dreams and fairytales which bring out beauty and fantasy in a less oppressive aspect (Kapferer, 2012).

Moschino Brand Customers

Moschino features men and women’s clothing plus other accessories. However, more women visit the Moschino stores as compared to men. This is because of brands offered by the company which are cheap and chick. The customers get to enjoy greater bonuses and can enjoy 20% off on all sales from using particular card memberships. At the Moschino stores, the customers are aware that sales do not necessarily mean inexpensive but decent quality and chick designs. In this way, customers can concentrate on enjoying the discounts and fun experience while they are shopping. Moshino designs are immensely popular designs that are on demand from celebrities, thus customers enjoy grand and high quality designs. Therefore, it is evident that Moschino’s fashion designs are obviously a noteworthy addition to the customer’s wardrobes. Moschino customers are always looking for the latest Moschino window displays. This is simply because the Moschino display does not and has never disappointed the customers (Knox, 2010).

Moschino stores have a lot of men customers. This is because there are many epic deals on men’s wear. The men’s wear is not only attractive but is also head turning designs that all the men customers simply adore. The men customers are assured that the clothes have a real delicate touch and all sizes are available. In this way, the male customers get to enjoy Italian designs that are not only eye catching but are also quite presentable. However, a few customers complain that the prices at the Moschino stores are a bit steeper as compared to other stores. This is because, at Moschino stores, the customers get their money’s worth.

Moschino Brand Price Points

The company’s prize points depend on the season and fashion brands. Although the products from this company are little too expensive, the products are worth the price. However, the workmanship of clothes and designs are just right, and they make anyone feel extraordinary just by having them. I think that Moschino should lower the prices a little bit in order to attract more customers and more business. In this way, the company will be able to enjoy more profits and more success from the same (Wobben, 2006). The high prices offered at the stores obviously draw away and discourage other potential customers from shopping and retailing at the stores. In this case, the new management should try offering better and more attractive price points in order to increase their sales margin and maintain their position as one of the best designer companies.

Hugo Boss Brand Business

Hugo Boss is located at the West 14 Street at the meatpacking market. This is one of the best stores in New York. It has not only devoted selections of different goods and products but also unique, sophisticated and stylish brands that are inspired by the European style. The reviews from customers who have visited the company’s stores are proof of the selections that are available at the stores. However, the Boss business has suffered immensely recently. Some of the customer reviews suggest that the Boss Company has poor customer service. This simply means that the staff and employees at the Boss stores are not only rude but condescending, as well. Moreiver, the customer reviews suggest that most customers prefer to visit other stores in order to avoid conflicts with the Boss staff and employees. This does not mean that the Boss designs and products are not outstanding. Boss is popular for excellence, and they deal in the best. However, the business is suffering due to poor customer care services.

The customer reviews have also suggested that Hugo stores lack certain cloth sizes and that most of the selections at the store include men’s wear. This simply means that women wear is extremely limited at the Hugo Boss stores. The vital question is “has Hugo enjoyed too much success in the past and forgotten how to treat its customers?” This is obviously unsuitable for business, because it will only drive customers away but will reduce the profits and success of the company. It is amusing to note that Hugo is located in the very heart of the commercial and epic center. It provides a remarkably well and nicely established system, which serves for exhibition purposes, displays different collections and showcases many other accessories (Tungate, 2008). In this way, the Hugo stores are situated at a highly strategic point that is extremely beneficial for the business. This is because Hugo Company cannot be missed and is easily visible when a customer visits the Meatpacking District. This means that the location has a tremendous advantage to the Hugo business.

Hugo Boss Brand Customers

Hugo Boss offer exclusive fashion and design collections plus refined customer service. The Hugo boss stores not only provide their customers with the best place to shop at but ensure that the lightening is right and the environment is conducive for the comfort of its customers. Hugo Boss offers and deals with superior quality products that help to maintain the old customers and attract other potential customers. In this way, the company continues to enjoy dedicated customer pool and considerable success. However, the many reviews from the customers suggest that the stores are not working hard enough at ensuring that they are happy. The customer reviews suggest that Hugo Boss stores have a few limitations and poor customer services. The limitations include lack of cloth sizes and limited women’s collection.

It is evident that Hugo Boss provides and deals in the best designer clothing and accessories for men. This has helped to attract many customers for many years. The company is committed to providing the best designs and fashion wear that is worth the time effort and money.

Hugo Boss Brand Price Points

Hugo Boss price points are a bit on the higher side. However, the clothing and accessories are worth the money. This is because of the good quality of the products. This simply means that customers are assured of outstanding quality products. Why settle for less when one can get the best at a reasonable price?

In my view, Hugo brand should go back from its grass roots. This simply means that the company should look at the many negative customer reviews about their collection and customer services. In this way, they will be able to improve the quality, quantity of the products and review the customer care prospect. It is necessary to note that honesty and excellent customer services helped to maintain original customers and attract other potential customers.

Alexander McQueen Brand Business

Alexander McQueen’s business is one of the best businesses in New York. The stores offer and provide high quality fashionable products. In this way, the company has a wide customer base and enjoys high profits. However, in the recent days, the fashion industry has become highly competitive and the company has to work hard in order to be a step ahead from other fashion industries and stores (Wobben, 2006). In this case, the company tries to offer the best quality products at the best price. The fashion industries required zeal, hard work and commitment. This means that the company has to be creative and have unique innovations that will attract more business.

Alexander McQueen Brand Customers

Alexander McQueen is not only located in a spacious place but also has incredible fashion, attractive display plus a price that matches to fashion and other accessories. According to the customer reviews, the staff and employees of the company are not only helpful but also extremely friendly. This has helped to maintain original customers and attract potential customers. However, not all the customer reviews suggest that the customer service was excellent. Other customer reviews have suggested that the customer service was not as strong as they expected (Kapferer, 2012).

The fashion attire from the company is of excellent quality. Most of the tailor cut shapes fits the body perfectly. This helps to attract potential customers. The store has outstanding store cases, but the price is a bit on the higher side. However, this is understandable since the clothes and accessories are of extremely finest quality.

Alexander McQueen Brand Price Points

The Alexander McQueen price points are attractive and acceptable when on sale. This is because when there is a sale on the products, the company offers a sales percentage off on the products. In this way, the customers are able to buy superior quality products at reasonable prices and percentages. In my view, Alexander McQueen Company should take into consideration all the customers` complains and negative reviews. In this way, the company will be sensitive to the needs of the customers. It is necessary to note that incompetent and rude workers will lead to a negative customers` attitude, and they will never come back again (Silverman, 2008).


The Meatpacking District is a hip district and market place in New York. This is where customers can find the trendiest bars & restaurants, galleries, fashion stores and other trendy places. Celebrities are common customers at the resort. This simply means that this is the place where customers find the best products at higher prices. However, the stores at the market are much more expensive as compared to other stores in other parts of New York. This is because of the high quality goods and services offered at the market. The District houses are some of the best fashion houses in the world.

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