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While discussing the political/economic themes during Tang rule, which have made their impact on shaping the of Chinese political culture character, it is important to rely on the military sphere. There has been an army development, increase of the number of soldiers and, thus, increase of their payments. The reinforce troops near the boarders was carried out, and that allowed to keep the situation with neighbors under the control and to enlarge the China Empire territory in all its directions.

In the administrational and political field, hiring of the officials after two-level examination process was carried out; it involved only professionals governing in the country (drawing the best talent into government). In 653, the law code was established; it specified different crimes and penalties, which have varied from the blows with a light stick to the execution. There were 500 articles in the code, which regulated human life, security and stability.

The tax and census system development has given such results as collecting data about the current situation in the country. The census system was developed in order to get the accurate information about taxpayers. According to the census of 742, the total population of the Chinese Empire was nearly 50 million (but, at the same time, it is possible to assume that certain number of inhabitants was not included into the general list because they were willing to avoid paying taxes, and, thus, did not participate in the census). The information, collected in 750, indicates the taxation system lessening or/and population upsurge: the total number of the Chinese Empire population has increased up to 50% for the 8 year period, which makes up about 75 million. According to the Tang Census of 754, there were 1,859 cities, 321 prefectures, and 1,538 counties in the Chinese Empire.

In the economical field, the main achievement of that time was Silk Road development as the trans-continental network for trade. It allowed China to become an active member of international trade system. Nowadays, the paths, developed for Silk Road are widely used without significant change both for maritime and overland transportation system. At the historical period of Tang dynasty, the newest technical, technological and cultural achievements of the current world were available for Chinese people via Silk Path communications with other developed countries. That allowed China to be up-to-date country. Different fashion innovations (such as using stools and chairs instead of mats placed on the floor), appearance of music instruments new for that time in China: flutes, small lacquered drums and cymbals, wide distribution of the key Chinese goods such as silks, lacquer wares, and porcelain wares — all of that that may be considered as new opportunities for international communications, cultural exchange and international trade in China, offered by the Silk Road possibilities.

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