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Helmut kohl is considered as one of the most powerful and successful chancellor in Germany. He could able to win four consecutive general elections and enjoyed the power for 16 years. He believed in the integrity of Europe. In order to end cold war he had played an important role among the world leaders. The unification of Germany was taken place during his regime. He is the harbinger of keeping global peace and security. Owing to the contribution on this sector, recently, Dr Kohl received the 2005 International Leadership Award for from the Chicago Council on Foreign Relations.

Besides, politician Kohl was an expert historian. He could perceive the probability to embody a history at the time of collapsing Berlin Wall in 1989, and it is thought that this event titillates the German reunification to be fulfilled the subsequent year.

Initially, he perceived the Europe as a country. He left no stone unturned for making the European Union (EU) and a single European market. He gave signed into life in the Dutch town of Maastricht in 1991 in order to maintain the integrity of Europe. Basically, his ardent afford paved the way to introduce the single European currency. Kohl did not believe in employing power. He made afford to reunify Germany by committing his country to full EU and NATO membership. That decision is considered as   one of the robust political decision in the history. Actually the leadership and epoch-making steps of kohl both in Germany and in the consideration of the world are momentous. He disclosed the how run the country and made afford to play a key role international politics.

A Verified Political Thinker : In detail

The basic words of Kohl’s policies were to establish peace in the world .His some policies launched   some dispute but simply able to get popularity. Eastern European countries did not like his foreign policy. As a result, the relations of Germany with these countries were not satisfactory. Hence, Kohl’s government incessantly put its steps to re assure its devotion to treaties formed under the SPD identifying the national boundaries of Eastern European countries, but the CDU’s concurrent persistence that Germany ultimately be reunited frozen affairs with Poland and the former Soviet Union.The head of the German Democratic Republic (East Germany Erich Honecker,  ignored  an assigned  visit to the Federal Republic in the fall of 1984, and hence  Poland made a scope to blame  strongly the  Kohl’s tolerance for those in his party who sought to bring back together with Germany territory lost to Poland after World War II.

Kohl’s took different initiative in his period. Among them the significant foreign policy scheme on the road to the West was his attempt at emblematic reconciliation with Germany’s opponents from World War II. He always tried to maintain good relationship with world leader. He did not deny to clasp the hand of French President François Mitterand for the greatest sake of maintaining peace and security during a trip to graveyards of both German and French soldiers situated at Verdun in September of 1984. He tried to convince Ronald Reagan to perform a gesture of reconciliation at a German military graveyard in Bitburg in May of the historic 1985, near the 40th anniversary of Germany’s surrender in World War II, in spite of the objection this reasoned in the United States. Kohl did not ignore his ultimate longing, not only as it was broadly popular in the Federal Republic, but also  as he was assigned his mind  to  expose a  demarcation between Nazi Germany and today’s Federal Republic.  Since he postulated to a somewhat   or some thing grieved Israeli audience in January of 1984, ‘he strongly propounded that, the generation of Germans does not deem the history of Germany as a lumber, but as an optimistic direction for the future. He added that the young generation can easily take   the responsibility but the position of young generation is contra Tory to concede the combined guilt for the deeds of the former progeny.’ Actually, through this robust vocal of   Kohl the new thinking and philosophy of the young generation of the Germany was propounded. Besides this articulation of young generation the political philosophy of kohl as an international leader was reflected. In Kohl’s words the fundamental principles are: German foreign policy  … them (to satisfy the basic needs of their people, to establish their own food. Rather, in Kohl’s words, “we can solve the great economic, social, and ecological as well as the foreign and security policy questions of the future only jointly in Europe” 

The Reunification of Germany

The achievement of Kohl is actually momentous .He is the main harbinger of the German reunification. He played an important role François Mitterrand in accomplishing the Maastricht Treaty, together with French President François  that left no stone unturned  to create integral Europe., All reputation went to  Kohl  for the reunification of Germany. He deserved much credit and praise than the credit of former Soviet Union President Mikhail Gorbachev. Actually, the collapse  of the Berlin Wall,  that was happened  on November 9, 1989,  launched a new history in the world.., Prior to the expiration of the year, Kohl  took a diplomatic  chance to overtly proclaim that he would reunite his country. As the, outcome of this declaration, Germany was peacefully reunited by the subsequent year, and most expectantly Kohl was re-elected in 1990 and 1994 that was epoch making event. The separate between east and west stayed in the nation’s mind, but, acute unemployment problem in the east deemed to basis the bitterness of immigrants, which, sequentially, led to neo-Nazi violence.

What he offers you

It has to be firmly confessed that at the time of kohl administration West Germany could able to prosper significantly. And it started to play the role strongly in the international periphery. The impetus of Harnessing for the reunification was commenced in 1989 at the time when East Germany started to collapse, Kohl effectively worked for the CDU there (Mar., 1990), triumphing a mandate for the prompt reunification.  Basically, he is regarded as the goal maker of the CDU success in nationwide elections (Dec., 1990).And as a result, he became the first chancellor of reunified Germany. He could able to hold the post until 1998 before defeating the CDU at the polls by the Social Democrats led by Gerhard Schröder.

In 1999, the most doleful event of   Kohl’s life began. A financial scandal was brought against him. It was presented that he was entangled in more than in secret campaign contributions to him and other financial inconsistencies. The amount was more than $1 million.  Owing to this event his reputation was diminished seriously. Even it is woeful to say, Kohl was compelled to resign (2000) as honorary chairman of the CDU. At last in 2001 he confessed all matters and agreed to refund a 300,000-mark fine in lieu for an end to the criminal investigation into his part in the campaign contributions outrage. There is no doubt to say that, his personal experience ,political knowledge,  deep contemplation  made  him  of Europe’s most influential and longest serving statesmen. He put great thinking and study of the recent political view. Due to the greatest afford Kohl and François Mitterrand were the joint recipient of the Karlspreis in 1988.

Kohl was aware of both historic and current political changes. Considering the merits of the significant political changes happening in East Germany, Kohl dared to propound a ten point  scheme for the purpose of  ” superseding  of the separation of Germany and Europe”  except  receiving advise from  his coalition partner, the FDP, or the Western Allies. Due to this reason in February 1990, he visited the Soviet Union in order to get the consent of Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev so that the USSR would allow German reunification to carry on. Another historic event was taken place. On 18 May 1990, during this period he signed an economic and social union treaty with East Germany. Against the will of the president of the German federal bank, He made afford to commence against the consent l of the president of the German federal bank a 1:1 exchange rate for wages, interest and rent between the West and East Marks. But, ultimately, this strategy would gravely upset companies in the new federal states.  Along with Foreign Minister Hans-Dietrich Genscher, Kohl could make attempt to determine talks with the former associates of World War II to agree to German reunification and the extension of the NATO into the previous East German state. Owing to these historic steps of kohl the East German state was abolished on 3 October 1990and its territory combined with West Germany. After the collapse of the Berlin Wall Kohl, assured that traditionally German territories east of the Oder-Neisse line were normally portion of the Republic of Poland, consequently, finishing the West German territorial asserts. In 1993, Kohl assured in a treaty with the Czech Republic that Germany would no longer move forward territorial demands as to the pre-1945 ethnic German professed Sudetenland in a treaty with the CzechRepublic. But this was treated as the disenchantment for the German Heimatvertriebene, shifted persons.

In 1998 a great achievement was happened on Kohl life. He was decided to give Honorary Citizen of Europe by the European heads of state or government for his marvelous effort for European combination and collaboration. This prestigious honor was formerly bestowed on Jean Monnet. Only Reward and award followed for his contribution and hence in 1996 he won the prestigious Prince of Asturias Award in International Cooperation. Pursuant to the former U.S. President George H. W. Bush, Kohl is one of “the greatest European leader of the second half of the 20th century”.

How he presents

Dr Kohl was a man of versatile genius. With an ideal harmony of wittiness and shrewd political approaching Dr Kohl exposes to audiences in his enthralling appearance the individuality that made him such a robust leader and masterful political hero. Through this event he created a new-fangled history of courtesy. The photograph, which portrayed their minute’s long handshake, became a significant emblem of French-German reconciliation.Both Kohl and Mitterrand wanted to enhance a close political affiliations, shaping an important glide for European combination. “German leader, led by Chancellor Kohl have been among the most fervent supporters of European unity. Kohl has described the creation of a united Europe as the ‘cornerstone’ of German policy and as being in Germany’s ‘existential interest’.”

The federal elections of 1994 Kohl was re-elected for the fourth time. He got victory against the Minister-President of Rhineland-Palatinate Rudolf Scharping. In spite of that the SPD was able to get the majority in the Bundesrat, that considerably restricted the  Kohl’s power. Actually, both German and French leader put extraordinary role to build integral Europe.

Dr. Helmut Kohl served as Germany’s chancellor during a historic political changes in the world .He could able to observe the watershed time between the stop of the Cold War and the commencing of a new multipolar world order. In the different political phases of Europe he kept strong role. He gave instructions in the all aspect. Practically no vital decision in Europe could be thought without him.  During his administrative period, Germany gained economic harmony. And it was most marvelous that political influence barely observed in its history,. He liked to national sovereignty than super natural bodies. Despite a German Europe, Kohl’s reply to “the German question”–concerning Germany’s national distinctiveness, harmony, and international role- He always thought a Europeanized Germany. He desired to materialize this vision through the procedure of European integration that he titillated as a main political leader.  The common European currency was the  other dream of him.. He thought that The common European currency would act as a criteria in the whole Europe though it has some restrictions.  .It may boost tensions between European countries that prolong to proceed and undergo like nation states, and between European nations and the rest of the world. This consequence may guide to the collapse of the synthetically built and structurally unbalanced European house. During a  interview with Dr. Kai-Alexander Schlevogt, a leading German management expert, is one of the atypical event on which Dr. Kohl has  given his outlook on the enormous economic project and financial mega-experiment which will resolutely influence Germany’s and Europe’s providence in the 21st century and beyond. This interview exposed the far-reaching outlook of Dr kohl towards the world politics.


Basically the leading role of Germany in making integral Europe  is  significant and hence the function of Dr kohl was very important. Under the regime of Kohl, Germany was surprisingly played a key role in the world politics. All important changes and development of Germany was held during Kohl period.. Although he kept the Ostpolitik of his social-democratic forerunner, Kohl also propped up Reagan’s more insistent policies to deteriorate the USSR. Kohl had to face different reality. He faced rigid hostility from the West German political left and was as well stared at his provincial background, physical stature and naïve language. But it is delectable that he could able to overcome all sorts of shortcomings and public ridicule. Above all, through the works and achievement, Kohl grown to be one of the most accepted politicians in Germany and a seriously grateful European statesman. At the last phase, it is postulated that Dr Kohl is going to be received the prestigious Roland Berger Human Dignity Award endowed with one million Euros Owing to the several momentous contributions in the world perspective.

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