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The debate about the civic engagement of older adults is becoming more and more relevant in the modern society because of changing values and social roles. With the life expectancy gradually increasing there is a growing number of older people who are still well-equipped for active participation in their communities and who are willing to take part in various events. Despite the possible drawbacks of civic engagement it brings undeniable benefits to older adults in the form of community involvement, feeling of importance, and power.

First of all, civic engagement gives and important opportunity to take part in the community life. This engagement is especially important for older adults because they often have more time to spare for this kind of activity and they are those who in the majority of cases benefit from community decisions. This advantage leads to the second one. The feeling of importance and the sense of belonging are greatly enhanced by the civic engagement. Older adults are able to fulfill their potential and boost their feeling of self-worth by having the opportunity to voice their ideas and concerns. Moreover, they may also start developing some skills different from those used at work, for instance. Finally, civic engagement of older adults provides them with a chance to exercise power. Without any doubt, human beings exercise power in a variety of ways, which feeds into their natural needs. Those needs become less and less met with older age. Therefore, continuous civic engagement may become a venue for exercising power.

All in all, one can see that civic engagement of older adults has multiple positive sides. It important to note that there may also be some negative aspects but the essential thing is to at least provide this option for people who want to be a part of the wider society regardless of the age.

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