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“It is about time that we restored peace in this country.” General Ricardo Sanchez says to himself. It is early morning when he is about to have breakfast with President Bush at the White House. General Sanchez is expected to brief the president on the current events taking place in Iraq so that the president can make decisions. General Sanchez is also expected to offer the president advice on whether to withdraw military troops in Iraq. After the general has finished preparing himself, he heads to the White House where the meeting occurs.

On reaching the White House, General Sanchez has to follow protocol for security purposes. After finishing the security checks, the general is directed towards one of the rooms where he will have breakfast with the president. The room is well prepared, like a five-star hotel. In addition, it has all the technology for teleconferencing. The president enters the room soon after the general is settled in one of the chairs (Kennerly 2004).

“Good morning, general; how are you this morning?” President Bush greets the general.

“I am fine, sir.” The general answers.

The breakfast is served, and soon everybody leaves the room and the general is left with the president so that they can discuss the issue of Iraq in privacy.

General Sanchez Briefing to the President. As they are having breakfast, the president asks the general, “Please tell me what the current status in Iraq is.”

General Sanchez begins by saying that, over the past few months, peace has been restored slowly in the streets of Iraq. Most of the terrorists have been captured, while others have gone into hiding. In addition, there is a government ready to lead Iraq. However, certain issues exist with people trying to attack the military. It is not known who they are. Moreover, they do not know to which group they belong. The president pauses before talking as he sips a cup of tea.

“What is the reaction of the military personnel? What are their views? Do they believe this is the right decision, or do they want to continue their operations in Iraq?” the president asks.

“Most military personnel are tired and want to return to their families. Therefore, their opinion is distorted due to their personal feelings. However, some argue that it is in the best interest if the US military continues with the operations because Iraq is not in a state to govern itself. This is because they do not have a military or a stable government. On the other hand, certain military personnel believe that it is in the best interest if Iraq people are left to govern themselves at this time; otherwise, they will not be able to do this on their own.” General Sanchez answers the president briefly.

General Sanchez’s Advice to President Bush. “What do you think are the best solutions to this situation?” President Bush asks for General Sanchez’s Advise.

“To be honest, sir,” the general begins, “I believe it is better if we left Iraq to govern themselves and call off the military troops. This is because peace has already been restored. Secondly, this is costing the country a lot of money. However, it would be better if some of the military personnel were left behind in Iraq to provide guidance to the government and train the Iraqi military before completely calling off the troops” (Freed 2011).

After this, President Bush and General Sanchez are through with their breakfast. The President finalizes the meeting and tells General Sanchez that he will get back to him with a final decision.

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