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Before the Civil War, there was the idea that the South will triumph over the North. The Confederacy was under the leadership of a capable general. The Confederacy was comprised of Southern States where the members were enthusiastic and firmly believed that they were justified in their desire to secede from the Union. But when the smoke cleared the South was in ruins. The Union Army crushed the vaunted Confederacy Army. There are two major reasons why the Union Army defeated the Confederacy. First, the Union Army was supported by greater manpower and greater resources. Secondly, the Union Army had an imperative moral; they fought for the preservation of the Union and to end slavery.

The Confederacy Army that was under the leadership of General Lee should have done everything in its power to prevent a civil war. The Union Army had the full backing of the United States government. According to the military historians “On the surface, the numerical odds seemed to have been stacked against the South with respect to population, industrial output, and military resources that the Confederacy was doomed to fail” (Kingseed 59). There is no need to elaborate the implications of the fact that the United States government was behind the Union Army. In other words the North had the money and had the loyalty of a well-trained army. The South was seen as a group of insurgents and therefore, the full power of the government was levelled against them.

The second major reason for the defeat of the Confederacy was an indirect boost to the capability of the Union Army. The second major reason has to do with the moral high ground the Union Army adopted. The Union Army was against cessation and they fought for the preservation of the Union. The American people experienced a bitter war against British hegemony and therefore, they will not give up the Union just that easily. The rebellion of the South was seen as an attack against the Union. Thus, it was easier for the Union Army to justify the cause of their struggle and many supported the Union in the fight against insurgents.

It has to be pointed out that it was in the North where one can find the majority of the factories in the United States. The South was primarily an agricultural region and therefore, they do not have the capacity to mass-produce weapons and other equipment necessary for the war. But the high moral stance of the Union Army persuaded former Negro slaves to join them and fight to liberate the South (Tunnell 71). The presence of African-Americans in the army was an added boost to the Union’s campaign. Therefore, the access to more armaments and the presence of a larger army was made more potent by black soldiers.


The Union Army won the Civil War because of the abundance of military supplies. The resources needed to fight a war came from the industrialized cities in the North. But aside from sheer numbers and military strength, the Union Army succeeded because they had the moral high ground. They were fighting for the preservation of the Union. At that time the United States were a newly independent country and therefore, soldiers were inspired to protect the Union. The Union Army also fought for the liberation of Negro slaves. As a result runaway slaves and former slaves volunteered to join the Union Army. These volunteers bolstered an already impressive military force of the Union. It was only a matter of time before the Confederacy succumbed to the military power of the Union.

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