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It is important to look into the north Ireland conflict with a view to learning form it. We note that there was a crisis which was both ethnic and political resultant from partisan politics. To understand it then it will be important to make an analysis into the conflict. Then there were negotiations into abating the conflict and their implementation. This will give a clear outline into the process of conflict resolution.

In analyzing the north Ireland conflict we note that there are various divides present. In this country the population is 55% protestant and 45% catholic. The two communities look at the conflicts differently in that the Protestants the constitutional and issue of maintaining union with Britain. The Catholics however look into the struggles for self determination and the gerrymander of partitions. Others however look into the unfair practices and partisan politics of the unionist government which if resolved would bring about harmony among the communities. Te major problems therefore lay on politics, violence adverse inequality and community relations. Then there was violence that was colloquially referred to as the troubles. This saw intercommunal rioting and political mishaps. The civil rights thus began campaigning for more equitable access to political power and social cultural recognition.

During the 80s and early 90s building blocks fro the peace process began through negotiations. The process of negotiation took two directions .rote one was meant to maintain momentum between the political parties. The second move strived at involving the republicans into the talks. In 1990 the secretary of state in Northern Ireland sir peter brooks authorized secret talks with IRA to find out what the republicans required to grant a ceasefifire. The negotiations came to bear fruit in 1993 when the Irish and British governments published the downing street declaration that were meant to bring about a united Ireland. The Good Friday agreement of 1998 between Tony Blair and Sinn Fein was also an important negotiation channel that resolved issues in Ireland.

Implementation of the agreement was met through a referendum that was held to ratify the agreements. The agreement was accepted by the voters and received a 94% backing. This was followed by talks among the parties to streamline government. In 1999 George Mitchell was invited by the British and Irish governments where he helped break the impasse and with the Mitchell review an executive was elected which took office In November. This worked positively in restoring order in north Ireland.

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