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To begin with, the State of Illinois is one of the states of United States whereby security is very highly valued. This is to suggest that the State has a good network of police force that is committed to the duty of maintaining order and security thus making for the peace of the State. In order to achieve the goal of maintaining order and security, it also has a very well organized as well as a good jail system. This is to propose that in case of crimes committed in the States, criminals are subjected under the jail system, the prison system and in the larger perspective the community corrections system (Valukas, 1993). In fact, the jail system is capacitated in the sense that it has about ninety facilities able to hold at least 20, 000 inmates. Again, the prison system with the department of corrections houses 15,215 inmates given in the 37 facilities. Generally, the system is well equipped to handle crime though jail, prison, probation and paroles. However, owing to the crime rate that has been observed, more Police are needed in the State of Illinois.

From this point of view, it is important to bring into the context the fact that the rate of violent crimes which accounts for at least 10 percent if the crimes in Illinois is above the national average crime rate. This is to imply that something needs to be done in order to overcome or rather face the challenge of the rising crimes especially the violent crimes. In essence, compared to the national crime rate, property crimes which covers over 80 percent of crimes in Illinois, it is ranked as to be lower. On the other hand, violent crime rates as compared to the national average as highlighted are so high. Basically, issues to do with killings and robberies by use of guns are on the increase (Valukas, 1993).

With the effects of violent crimes being taken into consideration, solution is required. The destruction being caused by the crime rate in terms of killings and robberies cannot be underrated as this has posed challenge to the existing correctional system. This is in terms of police force and the whole aspect of maintaining order and peace in the State. In order to solve the current situation in the state of Illinois, more police are required. Accordingly, more restrictions in relation to the purchase of weapons that are used in these crimes should be enforced. One may question the effect or the goodness of these solutions. Nonetheless, it is evident that if restrictions on the purchase of weapons are applied, only a few that will be able to access them.

As such, some people kill and commit robberies owing to the fact that they have and can purchase the weapons. Restrictions in this sense will bring the rate down. Following this point, the police force that is currently in place will need efforts to be directed towards ensuring this fact. Nevertheless, they may fail in effort as on the face of it, they will have an added responsibility to bear. Police are needed to enforce the restrictions as well as deal with the increased number of violent crimes in terms of killing and robberies. In this context, the best solution will ultimately be increasing of the police force to meet this demand. Needless to say, the suggestion or rather the proposition to increase the police force may not be enough as presumed.

However, the next step for solution to be realized is to make these recommendations to the aldermen to push for an increase in police. In particular, aldermen are the members of the governing executive or legislative body of many states of the cities as well as towns in the United States. Principally, in some areas are termed as city council instead of the aldermen. This body is given to the responsibility of serving as local judges of the minor infractions (Valukas, 1993). As such, the increased rates of killings and robberies being addressed by restriction of the purchase of weapons is part of a minor infraction that can be easily addressed by aldermen by pushing for increase in police force to meet this challenge and demand. Hence, the ultimate solution is that more Police are needed in the State of Illinois.

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