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Trends of Violent Crimes in the Past Ten Years

The FBI’s Uniform Crime Reporting Program defines a violent crime as the one that comprises severe criminal activity such as murder, indiscriminative manslaughter, rape, burglary and serious assault. In other word, it involves those crimes the  commitment of which presupposes the usage of  excessive force and the willingness to use such force. In the year 2010, it is estimated that a total of 1,246,246 crimes were committed in the U.S, this was a decline from the year 2009 by about 5%. For criminals between the ages of 10 years and below, the number was 24% less than in the year 2006 (Card 67).

Robbery and murder are the most serious crimes and tend to attract public concern significantly. Comparing the two crimes, it has been observed that they strike some similarity. According to the Federal bureau, both crimes increase simultaneously. This may indicate that there are similar factors that affect both. There are also possibilities that one crime may be impacting the tread of the other. Difference in demographic groups may explain different rates of engaging in crime. Factors such as ethnic groups and age should be addressed in policy making process. For instance, the unemployment among the youth is a key contributor to crime; therefore, policies that provide employment and support for youth could lead to reduction of crime.

Factors that contribute to terrorism and the possibility of conquering the problem of terrorism in the society

There are several  of factors that contribute to terrorism, including religion and children. This can be explained by the argument that the individuals from a certain religious group are so loyal to this groups that they may opt to follow religious terrorists such as Hezbollah which use religion as a hiding place for the terrorist activity. There may also be disagreement about land boundaries such as the case between Israel and Palestine over Jammu and Kashmir. Solving the terrorism problem in the society is an issue that requires a multi-dimensional approach. However, a dialogue has been considered to be the most effective tool that will eliminate the wrongly directed grievance of those terrorists involved in such dialogue. How various forms of media contribute to the fear of violent crime.  

Media sources make the publicity be afraid of the violence of crime. This is mainly through the manner in which the events are displayed in the media. The display of the information in an exaggerated way, for example, showing a rescuer being shot dead by the attackers of a bank robbery, causes a public fear of taking any actions in case a violent crime breaks out in reality.

The function of rape shield laws in protecting victims of sexual assault

The laws that are used against rape cases were enforced to ensure that women are protected as people under the control of men. However, this perception has changed to mean protecting the position of a woman as a person. Despite this, many rape cases are never reported. Rape shield laws were formed to ensure that women are protected from non consensual sexual assault by men. The laws protect women by ensuring that they wear the types of clothes they prefer without being blamed. The law also limits the extent to which rapists may seek to rely on women’s dressing codes, as a defense for their actions.

Why sexual violence occurs in correctional environments and the magnitude of prison sexual violence

Sexual violence occurs in correctional places such as prisons because people try to redefine their sexuality. This may involve the engagement in the same sex relationships. It is not necessarily called homosexuality despite the existence of some cases of it According to Fleisher, once an inmate enters prison, he or she would like to engage in sex as she used to do when she was out. This may force them to look for partners and freedom to have sex which they consider the only freedom they would like to have. However, the empirical literature suggests that most inmates engage in sex not being under coercion.

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