Type: Literary Analysis
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Chris Ware in his book Jimmy Corrigan, the smartest kid on earth has surely acted smart with the drawing and art work. He develops a master piece that really proves that he is above average. A well developed story of ‘Jimmy Corrigan’ in his middle age meeting his father for the time; another story shows his grandfather in his early age being abused by his father; while yet another shows him as a child of divorce and the adventures he had as a kid are the reasons he becomes the smartest kid on earth (Ware, 2000).

The book does not follow a single order rather gives different story lines in the same book. In this the author tends to ensure there is a break in the reading which makes one make out the meaning of the first part. The arrows also aid to the understanding in that they instruct on the ordering of the panels (Daoust, 2001). The plot is also not a simple linear arrangement in that three stories are told in the same book. This is his unique way of portraying Jimmy as a smart kid in that in all the loneliness he is able to turn events to jovial and comic.

He uses the instructive characters to ensure that the reader actually follows the comic since much of it is pictures. This reading is dynamic in that he has transformed the notion than novels are not all about single orders and continuous story writing but the can also change to different forms where this book illustrates a comic strip (Daoust, 2001).

There are many leitmotifs and recurring images such as a robot, peaches, a horse, a bird, and superman. The uses illustration dialogues which make him concentrate more on images. Some images are frequently applied since they help bring out the real story line and expound more on the story line in the book; other images are quickly forgotten in that they are just used as circumstantial to bring out humor rather than the meaning (Daoust, 2001). They are also used to explain more on a situation and thus they are quickly forgotten; this and much more make these book a masterpiece.

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