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Modern scientists have shown that a high level of IQ – it is only a small component of a successful life. A few decades ago, American psychologists conducted a little experiment, where 450 young people had participated in. Two thirds of them were of high IQ and rose in good families. The remaining third of the children as a child faced with family problems and was not different special abilities: IQ performance, in this case, was higher than average. In 15 years, there was a meeting that put everything in its place: their success in life is not directly dependent on the level of IQ. Far more important were the ability to resist stress and habit to stay optimistic despite the setbacks. These components have become the basis of a new concept proposed in 1995 by Daniel Goleman – emotional intelligence (EQ).

The term “EQ” refers to the ability to recognize and acknowledge one’s own feelings and the feelings of others, to use this knowledge for self-motivation and emotions control. There are four elements that compose the EQ and the key element is self-awareness. A person with a high level of self-awareness is able to correctly assess their advantages and disadvantages. Awareness of needs is the first step to achieving the goal. The next one is self-control that is the consequence of self-consciousness. A person, who knows his nature, is able to control him/herself and his/her emotions. If the one controls them, then he/she can send them into the right direction, which will give positive result. The third element of the EQ is empathy that means the ability to put oneself in the place of another and take into account in the decision making process the feelings and emotions of others. Sometimes anybody often can not understand why people think in the certain way, make a seemingly stupid things. Put oneself in the shoes of the man, perhaps this will help to understand and help person, if it is needed. And the last one, but not the least element is relationship skills. This includes the ability to find common language with other people, to establish contact with them, to prevent and resolve conflicts.

Effective leader should have the heart and the head, the unity of feelings and thoughts. Any leader should possess current specific problems and difficulties with the help of intelligence. Of course, the leaders with a clear mind, analytical and conceptual thinking, brings company only benefits. Intelligence and clear thinking is mostly seen as qualities that open the door to leadership. Without this successful entrance to the leaders’ world is admitted. However, intelligence alone does not make a person leader. Leaders are carrying out their plans, motivating, directing, encouraging, listening, persuading, and – the most important – causing responsiveness. As Albert Einstein warned, “We must take care not in order not to make the intellect our god. Of course, it has powerful muscles, but lacks personality. It cannot be controlled – it can be only served.” Modern leader is not the one, who due to his/her position has the right to command, but the one who has the personal qualities that contribute to the creation of a viable organization that is able to stimulate constant changes and innovations, to inspire people for productive, effective and efficient work. Therefore, emotional intellect plays the crucial role in the effective leading. Emotional intelligence involves an opportunity to plunge into the emotions, to understand and feel them, and there is need for a rational analysis of emotion and decision making on the basis of this analysis. Emotions contain huge amount of information, using which a person can operate much more efficiently. Emotional intelligence can manage both one’s own and other people’s emotions, which lead to higher adaptability and efficiency in communication. People with well-developed emotional intelligence easier achieve their goals in concert with others, become more effective leaders.

Myers-Briggs type indicator refers to the method of diagnostic of individual differences, formed on the basis of Jung’s ideas, and got a strong development in recent decades in various European countries and the US. Carl Jung has developed psychological types based on two pairs of functions (Thinking [T] and feeling [F], sense [S] and Intuition [N]) and two kinds of settings (Extraversion [E] and Introversion [I]). In his theory, there are eight basic personality types, each of which has its own dominant function. Katharine Briggs developed the theory of Carl Jung and Isabel Myers-Briggs opened the fourth pair of preferences – Decision [J] and perception [P]. This created four-functional model of psychological type, taking into account all four positions the functions mentioned by Carl Jung: dominant, auxiliary, third and subordinate.

After I have passed the test model of Myers-Briggs Type Indicator the ESFP I have discovered that my personality refers to the ESTJ type. People with the ESTJ type live in a world of facts and concrete needs. They live in the present and constantly monitor their environment to make sure that everything is running smoothly and systematically, respect tradition and law, and have a clear set of rules and beliefs. They are waiting for the same from others, and do not tolerate people who do not accept these rules. They value competence and efficiency, so they like to see immediate results of your efforts. ESTJ determined people as they are very willingly take responsibility. They almost always know how things should be, and free to take up leadership positions. They are self-confident and aggressive, extremely gifted in developing systems and action plans, as well as the ability to see what steps need to be taken to bring the matter to an end. ESTJ type of people is extremely frank and honest, they are good citizens and support of the society, enjoy interacting with people and like to have fun. ESTJ invest a lot of zeal in any business, for that will take. They are very enthusiastically doing everything that they consider necessary in their work, marriage and society. ESTJ are honest, practical, realistic and reliable person. This is everything about me, this test fully open my personality and can help me to understand where I am good and at what I need to work more. This test shows that I am life’s administrator and this means that my profession fully supports my inner environment. In order to improve my leadership potential I have to concentrate on the relations with other people, to be gentler and more diplomatic as I can be too harsh in my critical assessments. As for my type of personality distinctive do not admit own mistake and compromise, I have to be more critique for myself and be more compromising. I do not like criticism, even in a joking manner. Therefore, it can be easily seen that all my disadvantages are connected to the high level criticism of the people around and the best solution of this problem is development of my emotional intelligence. It is my program of leadership development and I think it will be highly effective, because the first step to solve the problem is to understand it.

Every person has the plan of his/her life and I would like to develop and improve my professional development plan for the next year. I have three goals: to improve my emotional intelligence, to develop my knowledge of management and to get experience working in the banquet department. These three goals are supported my purpose — to become the manager of food and beverage department. This is one of the steps of my career plan. The first goal that is connected with the EQ development is the part of my leadership plan development. This goal involves: the deep analysis in order to understand my feelings and senses, that would help to manage my own and people emotions and create mutual understanding; sport is the best way to cope with the emotions and good way to improve the health; I would apply to specific training causes that would help me to improve EQ. the second goal is connected to the management knowledge and in order to improve them I will read specific literature and would try to use it in day to day life in order to understand how it works, I will also assess how decisions influence people and problems. Experience is the thing that helps to make decisions and solve problems more effective and efficient, therefore I want to try myself in the different departments in order to became successful manager of food and beverage department.

Leading is the tool that helps to manage life and interact with people and I will study this tool as perfect as I can during all my life.

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