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Both Bill Gates and Warren Buffet have great personalities, both are multibillionaires and business people, who have to face incredible amount of thought decisions every day. However, they do not seem to be condescending or cocky about their lives. Warren Buffet and his family always lived in the same house and in the same average income neighborhood. His kids went to public school, and he did not take advantage of his financial situation.  Warren also has great sense of humor, and he seems to be very easy to have conversation with.  Even though Bill Gates is quite different from Warren, he has a great personality too.  Gate’s simple attitude towards things and openness enable him to make great impression on the people around.  They both are big fans of philanthropy, and they do not believe in inheriting all their money to their families. Instead, they want to spend bigger part of it on people who can use their help. Bill Gates spent great amount of time traveling and providing help to people all over the world.

Despite the fact that both interviewees have great personalities, it feels like Warren Buffet has a better grip on his communication skills than Bill Gates.  During the interview, he seems to be talking much more than Gates. Buffet instantly comes up with funny jokes, and it just seems like he has so much more things to share with young people. At the same time, Gates just sits and nods along. It should be mentioned that Warren was studying public communication pretty seriously when he was young.

Having to decide who would be a better CEO, Bill Gates or Warren Buffet, is a little challenging.  However, I think that Warren Buffet fits better for the CEO position as he is a natural- born businessman, whereas Bill Gates has built his company to support his original idea. Buffet had been making pretty good investments since he was in school. Even though he has made many mistakes with his investments, and not all of his decisions were right, still, he has done a remarkable work for himself.

This review was incredibly informative and gave a lot of very valuable information.  One of the things I have understood is that family always plays a significant  role in formatting of one’s personality. Bill Gates appreciates his parents, who made him read a lot, and this  is probably what has made him who he is today. Warren Buffet remembers his farther giving him many great advices when he was a kid. Buffet’s father is the hero to him and the person who inspired him along the way.  The second important thing that I picked up for myself is actually the piece of advice given to Bill Gates by Warren Buffet. It was mentioned that one has to know what is really important and be able to say “no” when it is necessary.  Actually,  I have  witnessed many times when people were not able to say “no” and that usually put them not in the best position. The third lesson I have learned is that no matter how you love what you do, you still have to devote much time for your family. No matter what happens to your job in the future, will your career prosper or go to tar tars, in the end of the day your family will be there for you either to celebrate with you or help you pick up the pieces.  Family and close people, who have nothing to gain and just share their love, can help you see your blindsides at work and help you be a better person.

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