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The process of creating and assembling teams is highly involving and requires utmost care in every step. In man y organizations, most of the work is done under carefully selected teams of capable people who possess not only qualifications to work under certain teams but also ability to work together and bring maximum results for the organization. In creating workable teams, an organizational leader needs to consider various characteristics that make certain workers better team members that others. A simple mistake in team creation can have profound impacts on the overall profitability of the entity. As such, the organization leader should never take the process of team formation for granted or leave the whole process to chance. All business organizations are in business to maximize profits. Profits can only be maximized in environments that embrace utmost efficiency, high quality, and maximum productivity all done at the minimum cost possible. An organization enjoying such a situation is definitely likely to excel and in most cases, the organization undertakes the process of team formation with utmost seriousness. Therefore, the formation of good and productive teams to deal with new innovations and safety and control programs require careful consideration (McShane & Glinow, 2011).

A team on new innovation is tasked with coming up with new ways of doing things, new ideas, new products, new technology, new markets, improvement and modification of the existing products and other tasks related to innovations. Such a team is most definitely essential for the continued growth of the organization. Furthermore, this team can be seen as the hope for the organization’s profitability. Being the team that creates new ideas for the organization, it holds the key for the future expansion of the firm. Consequently, the team should be carefully selected and manned with able manpower to deal with the great challenge of creating new innovations for the organization. All people are creative in their different ways. However, the level of creativity and innovation differs among people. Therefore, the team members should not only be qualified professionally but also they should be creative and innovative. The team members should demonstrate a noose for new opportunities and ability to decipher new ideas from virtually anything available (McShane & Glinow, 2011). Most importantly, the team members should be team players demonstrating ability to relate with other people freely.

A team on safety and quality control needs to include members who are well experienced on matters of production. Such members should have the professional qualification and experience of production matters. Apart from these attributes, it is imperative for the team members to demonstrate high level of product awareness and ability to detect any possible defect early enough during the process of production so as to avoid any possible losses. Just like a team on new innovation, this team is extremely important as its work directly affects the consumers of an organization’s products. The level of safety and quality the organization’s products show to the consumers determines the extent of sales to be made and thus the future profitability. As such, the team should comprise of individuals who are completely articulate and meticulous in their work as a slight mistake could mean total failure to the organization (McShane & Glinow, 2011).

To achieve desired goals for each time, it is important to consider various forms of team composition. For instance, it is ideal that each team comprises of about five members. Similarly, the teams should have an element of diversity in terms of gender, profession, seniority and other factors that differentiate employees. The importance of diversity in teams creates a room for more ideas to be brought into the organization (McShane & Glinow, 2011). Furthermore, a team of five members of diverse characteristics is likely to associate closely and form a highly focused team. It is imperative that the team members demonstrate competence in their skills and abilities, impetus to contribute in the team as well as ability to effectively collaborate with other members. Thus if all these attributes are observed, successful teams will definitely be created.

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