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Globalization in the gradual incremental process of linking and interdependence of the global businesses and markets the process is high paced and has been on its fastest tend ever in the last two decades as evidenced by sophisticated technological innovations which have made it easier for people to communicate and also travel from one place to another as well as conduct business worldwide or internationally.

In the recent past and to a greater extent currently, the major driving force behind this process has been the great innovations and invention in the in the field of telecommunication, its infrastructure, and the meteoric rise of the internet.

Generally, interconnections among economies of the world has not only availed great opportunities but also enhance competition As such, globalization has gained great significance on the world economies rising powerful anti-globalization and pro-globalization debates worldwide. The pro-globalization debate is base on the advantages the globalization avails to the whole of the world. Certainly, it has increase the opportunities available to virtually everyone and also encouraged improvement of the quality of good available to people through the increased completion between the large number of companies that compete at the global level. The World Trade Organization and the World Economic Forum are the best known organization to advocate for globalization. Certainly with improved and always improving technological exchange, cultural exchange, trade expansion, mobility of labor among other, globalization could be the best thing that has ever happened to the world.

Work force diversity. Although several people postulate successful arguments against globalization, it has gravely modified numerous people lives worldwide. For instance it has made availed numerous resources to numerous people around the world. Man people can now access better education, clean water; health can and a lot more can afford air-travel.

This process of globalization brought with it diversity and foreign culture to many of the world societies. These societies have benefited more that they can admit. To become part of the global economy societies have accepted foreign ideas, new identities or characteristics and method or techniques of doing things.

Globalization has introduced to the world a new type of work force. In the modern days not only is switching job simple but switching country of work has also become easy. People change country of work every time as they please. This phenomenon on global workforce is very beneficial as communities, societies, companies or countries get to benefit from experiences that were otherwise not present within their reach or locality.

It is however regrettable that, in many parts of the world people still strongly resist diversity. People are still uncomfortable working with people of different background pertaining, color, race, and religion. Certainly, unfounded, national pride, cultural intolerance and religious pride serve to deny man societies or communities the opportunity to benefit from the numerous resource provided by diversity at the global level.

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