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I am going to evaluate “Journal of Management Studies” written by Society for the Advancement of Management Studies and published by Blackwell Publishing Ltd .The journal focuses on management and how decisions are made in a business situation. It starts by giving a deep analysis of what is management. He portrays, a manager as the fuel of an organization and thus at all times he must be sober and work for the interest of the organization. It goes further to define the various forms of management (democratic, lazier-free, diplomatic and autocratic forms of management).

Statement of the Research Problem:

The main subject of the journal is on how efficient and good managers make decisions. The journal discusses the processes that a manager should go through before coming up with a decision however small the decision might look to be. Here is what the journal says:” Managerial decision-making is the process through which managers arrive at the alternative solution to a given challenge facing an organization” (page 662). The success of an organization is dependent on the quality of decision made its manager. One of the major attributes that make a good manager stand out is his or her decisiveness. The quality of decisions made by a manager is reflected in the performance of his or her organization .The journal does not just give plane analyses of the topic but goes further to give examples from real world of situations that have existed in the past and give alternatives. Other than being a plane management journal it involves the reader in making practical decisions.

Description of the Research Procedure:

In the journal, Jixia $ Tsui, 2010 page 657, Portrays management as a day to day life whether one aware of what he is doing or not. The journal notes that it is just an improvement of our day’s life where we are supposed to manage our lives. It does not talk of many theories about management but presents management from a known point of view. I like the journal when it says that a situation that one is managing dictates the form of management that he is going to employ. Other than writing this book, the writers have had a hand on experience on management, they write from both research point of view and experience.

Procedural Design:

The journal is written in simple English that is easily understood. As one reads the journal, it does not tell someone on what to do when in management but it works with a person to look for a solution to a problem that it has created. There are exercises that are later discussed and this give the reader a chance to exercise what he has read. It is a journal that assists someone to realize his or her potential in leadership and management

Analysis of Data:

To the reader, the journal touches all areas of management and portrays a leader not as a person to make things happen but as one top pioneer thing. This is a concept that he has brought so well that when one is reading the journal he grasps the right picture of a manager. I would thus recommend it for young managers and students.

Limited and Justifiable Conclusions:

It does not develop or use traditional theories or models of management but portrays today’s management as a simple task that we unconsciously undertake day to day. The journal portrays management as a simple task and the difference between efficient managers and inefficient is the quality of decisions. The only way forward when it comes to making a decision is understanding the situation at hard and the urgency of the decision.

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