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Lack of communication is “its shortcoming by quantity and quality, causing quite steady difficulties in developing and maintaining contacts” (Horney 28). It is accompanied by worries, feeling of loneliness and isolation. Such a condition is characterized by estrangement, unsociability, inability to show the emotions and extricate from different situations correctly. There can be various causes of this problem.

Difficulties or barriers in communication are sometimes not easy to reveal, but they are accompanied by the internal tension. Problems can arise because of the natural properties of a personality. For example, aggression can be a result of various psychological traumas, stresses and experiences, understated or overstated self-esteem. All these break confidential human relations, lead to their gap, and cause lack of communication.

The inability or inefficiency to get into contacts can also lead to the lack of communication. Our dashing century is filled with various equipments, the Internet, possibilities to lose oneself in a virtual world, thought up by someone. Moreover, people who have created a virtual image by themselves and can only support it in the network, experience difficulties of the communication in the real world with live people. People even more often face the problem of developing those contacts that are beyond business interests.

The Internet and social networks have a great influence on the people’s relationships and the way they communicate with each other. They reduce the opportunity for the people to get to know each other face to face and build relationships in a real life. The more people rely on the Internet, the more they isolate themselves from human communication and contact.

Social networks are a big problem as they do not offer a genuine communication. There are some social network addictions which may cause serious problems to the active Internet users. Numerous Internet users manifest problems with interpersonal relations, the fact that makes their lives complicated. To cite an example, social networks like Facebook decrease the chances for people to find out about each other through personal contact (Carr n. p.). As a rule, all Internet relationships are short-lived ones and might later lead to the problems of loneliness, isolation, and depression.

Lack of communication is very often caused by inability to trust people and make a compromise. It can be caused by the properties of the person’s character: egoism, falsity, insincerity, and categoricalness. For example, suspiciousness and envy usually lead to long quarrels and a complete separation of contacts. Furthermore, if the person does not understand the problems and is inclined to blame people around, difficulties in communication will grow up as a snowball, increasing awkwardness, irritability, and negativism.

Lack of communication can arise because of resistant stereotypes, prejudices, mistakes in the sense understanding and the tendency to look for a hidden negative implication where there is not any, indeed.

One of the most important factors that influence the level of sociability is socialization of the person. The child starts to adapt in a society from the very birth. “The contacts to the relatives and other people, contemporaries and adults, a kindergarten, a school, etc. — all these are stages of the socialization”. If the child does not visit the kindergarten, he/she surely should communicate with other children on the street or in groups. It is vital for parents to understand the importance of this communication. Strangers (children and adults) give a child the chance child to realize and understand the world around. They teach him/her to contact to different people, and, therefore, help to avoid problems with the future communication.

According to the psychological researches, the main reason for quarrels and conflicts in the family is lack of communication between the close people. Living together, people often happen to feel lonely. Sometimes many of them need only to talk. Others say that words are not necessary for love; however, it is doubtfully. Confidential conversations make the relations much stronger. It is very important to talk to each other. Thus, if spouses have nothing to talk about, forecasts for their long happiness are doubtful.

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