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Madgalen Islands has been long known for Lobster fishing since 1875. It is mostly done for commercial purposes especially in the reference area, area 22. The management for this fishery came up with a management plan which was implemented to ensure proper organization of the fishery hence increase productivity. This will help in effective management of the fishery as economic portal; hence all units of the organization must be accurately managed. The management plan helps to come up with proper objectives that will move the organization to the next level. In this article we are going outline some of the strengths that came with the management plan.

One of the strengths of the plan was to reduce the fishing effort by reducing the number of authorized traps per fish harvester by three increasing stock production. To add to this there were measures put in place to ensure survival of Magdalen Islands Stock enhancing a more productive stock in terms of egg production and weight-per-recruit yield.

Keeping operation costs as low as possible and maintaining their fishing enterprises have also been strengths of the management plan. This way the Magdalen Islands Community gets to benefit from the resources economically, socially and culturally. Earnings generated from this fishery represent a large share of the economy of that community.

The plan also entailed placing a monitoring plan, maintaining the poaching alert program and creating awareness in schools. This strength helps in controlling lobster poaching and monitoring commercial fishing activities. Most resources are meant for this since poaching reduces the output for the lobsters and production declines.

Identification of important habitats and important activities to the lobsters are also strengths. The habitats are becoming a growing concern for the harvesters. Identifying those habitats help in protecting the lobster grounds and provide the lobster harvesters with knowledge on where best to trap them increasing their stock.

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