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An organization uses the multiple ways for the control mechanism. Control mechanisms are used to control and monitor the progress and evaluate the performance. What is control in Macy’s like organizations? Any process that directs the activities of the individuals to achieve the goals of Macy’s like organizations is known as control mechanism.

Our focus in this paper is on the control mechanism of Macy’s organization. Primarily four types of control mechanism are studied in this paper.

Setting Standards: For the best performance of Macy’s organization, it requires the principles. On the basis of these principles it acquires the place among the best organizations of the world. Macy’s organization has set good standards for its customers.

  • Purchased items can be returned & easy way of getting back payment.
  • Short time of 7-10 requires returning transit.
  • Easy way of using the Macy’s system.
  • Immediate confirmation of your order.
  • Store promotion is applied on every order.
  • Warranty of purchased goods is available through online system.

Macy’s Organization has more other standards. In this paper main standards have been taken into consideration.

Measuring Performance: Macy’s Inc. has made measurable good performance in revenue collection. Analyst of Macy’s has expected 0.4 percent decline and retailers were promoted to more revenue collection. Last year its revenue edged up to 1.1 percent in April. Macy’s strategy to measure the growth at its existing stores not opened newly one is very optimistic. Total revenue for four-weak period that has ended May 2, 2010 rose 2.8 percent to $ 1.74 billions.

Comparing performance & taking action to correct problems and ensure success: Macy’s organization performance is compared to other organizations and taken necessary actions to make the progress. On the basis of the comparison new improvements are made in Macy’s organization. The Macy’s organization is highly competitive in providing the customer newly changed demands and preferences. The Gap, Abercrombie& Fitch and Polo Ralph Lauren, among others, have good financial sources than we have. Our competition is bases upon the brand image, quality of design and work assortment.

Macy’s has been pursuing a ways to utilize these control mechanisms in an effective ways. Macy’s is pursuing ways to be more creative and distinctive in meeting the customer requirements. Credit Crunch’ in 2007 and 2008 has led to a tremendous decline in consumer confidence, causing decreases in store sales and profits. Macy’s has faced tough competition due to its geographical conditions. Control mechanism has proved its benefits in different areas of the Macy’s organization. Macy’s organization is looking its growth in other region of the world. The company has made several key acquisitions in Europe to expand it. Quality control program is designed to ensure that products meet the high quality standards. It keeps the privacy notice for credit and customer accounts. Also personal information of the customer is kept safe. Due to its good revenue collection, Macy’s is major organization to arrange the donations for seeking people. Due to these control mechanism Macy’s offers new promotions on the special days like Earth day.

Macy’s organization being a very helpful to customers and its staff, there exist issues which require attention to solve. One issue is that, it is local American organization and foreign customer can not utilize its services. Other issue concerning to its employees is that due to downsizing, many stores have been merged and employees have to suffer from this. Macy’s uses the 43 million shopping bags every year that can alter the environment. Macy’s web portal does not guarantee the accuracy, integrity or quality of User Content. The negative change in economy is resulted the decline in customer confidence and it has adverse effects on our operating results.

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