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The main objective to have an operational manager in place is to carry out the responsibility of planining, directing and coordinating functions of a company on daiyly bases . Ray ( 2003) argues that the operational mananger , spesificaly bears direct responsibility to come up with strategies aimed to make the company more productive , profitabe and gain competive edge in market place.to attain this goal the mananger has to formulate policies, manage daily operations, and monitor the use of materials and facilities as well as human personel to make the company grow and maximise profits. More over, the operational manager plays a central role in leading in preparation of budget, controling of inventory, handling of logistics,conducting of interviews and supervision of employees in the company.In this regard, the operational manager should have exlent leadership sleyle and good communication skills and high command in solving conflict quickly and justfuly.


To start with , the operational manager is deligated with the main objective of providing salient working environment that moltivates employees to work creatively ,positively and as a teamwork. To archive this goal, the operational managers has to conduct several meetings to listen to each department’s problems and concerns and solving them.in this regard the operational mananger has to set rules and rengulations for employees to athere to. This will includes implimenting policies at the workplace that are effectively adhered to by every employee in the company arguea (Roy, 2000).

Secondly, the operational manager will be responsible for handling the company’s operating budget and determine the amount of expences incured and what it canpay for in the near future. The operational manager also will serve clients of the company from all deparments hence the personel will have to understand how much money is in a company’s budget to provide the products and services that will retain customers.

In reference to Richard (1966) Handlinging and solving issues is one of the critical tasks the operational managers has to carry out. These issues vary greatly and range from risk management to clients’ dissatisfaction among others. The operational mananger needs to use leadership skills to come up with effective decisions to achieve smooth running of the company and prevent difficult situations in the future

In conclution, Operational manager is responsible for hiring, supervising and evaluating work performance of employees in the company.He also gives directions to employees on how to carry out specific tasks. Moreover, he is concerned with planning, organizing, and controlling of the activities which affect human social behavior.opreational mananger also define the goals and objectives for subsystem of the the company policies and the protocol to achieving short term and long term goals. Operational manager also establishes a communication chanel which aids the the flow of information within the operations subsystems. Generaly ,operational mananger is concerned with staffing ,controling,leading planing ,organising and coodinating personel and other resources for the company to achive its goals and maximise profit.

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