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There are some spheres and processes in an organization that are quite contradictory and have different points of view on them. Thus, the aim of this paper is to identify the relationship between an organizational structure and a conflict and provide an example. Moreover, the difference between compromise and consensus is explained.

The difference between compromise and consensus

Consensus is defined as a general agreement that is reached through sentiment or group solidarity of belief. Consensus is otherwise called a collaboration that clearly explains this phenomenon. Compromise means a settlement of certain differences that were reached as the result of mutual concessions. Compromise is normally reached through communication, mutual acceptance of terms, and people partially or completely giving up their demands.

The main difference between a compromise and a consensus is that compromise leads to parties giving up their interests and changing the initial goal. Thus, as the result, no one gets what they originally wanted, and every party is only partially satisfied. While consensus is aimed at searching for consent and the best solution to the problem which does not necessarily mean reaching the agreement between parties.

In most of the situations it is better for every party to reach a consensus so they do not feel as they received too little or gave away too much. However, compromise is acceptable in the situation that cannot be solved in a single way. For example, in the relationship between parents and children a compromise should take place, otherwise children would always feel that parents try to control them without giving any of their interests up.

The relationship between an organizational structure and a conflict

Organizational structure aims to reduce conflicts and motivate members to accomplish common goals by providing clear guidelines. The connection between an organizational structure and a conflict is quite obvious since its purpose is to resolve and reduce the amount of conflict situations. It often has positive outcomes, but sometimes can become a reason for a conflict.

From one point of view, an organizational structure relates to a conflict in the way that brings positive results. An effective structure encourages employees to think freely and involve in the organization life as much as possible. Thus, it increases employees’ job satisfaction which reduces the levels of stress and conflict situations. Moreover, a well developed structure includes specials suggestions on the ways of handling different degrees of conflict at work.

From the other point of view, an ineffective or incorrectly chosen organizational structure leads to the organization having an unfriendly environment with various issues in relationship between the workers. Quite often employees might experience being not appreciated, unfairly treated, or disrespected that commonly results in a conflict.

The relationship between organizational structure and conflict can be demonstrated on the example of applying an inappropriate kind of structure. Hence, a conflict can start in an organization working in a retail sector that decides to choose a tall organizational structure. It assumes that leaders take authoritative decisions and give orders to the employees who must follow them without sharing their ideas. This type of an organizational structure is suitable for a police department, but definitely not for a retail store which would result in employees feeling treated in an inappropriate way. Thus, it would make them rebel and start a conflict.


Thus, the difference between compromise and consensus mainly depends on the result and the way the parties feel about the decision. Additionally, there is a clear relationship between an organizational structure and a conflict that can result both in positive and negative outcomes.

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