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Penn Foster studies offer individual chances for distance learning. It is one of the most inexpensive and suitable accepted way through which people gain skills compulsory for new careers and increase their standards of living. Penn foster studies allow individuals to learn as they wish in their own homes, offices and at their own tempo. Though Penn foster balance offer a good chance of advancing through studying many people are faced with the problem of balancing their studies, workloads and balancing the demands of their family. To overcome this challenge one should get a daily planner. The daily planner helps one to be organized. Many people are not able to remember everything they have to study and the appointments and tasks for every day. A daily planner comes in handy to act as a reminder and would advise people to make use of it to balance Penn foster studies and their family and work obligations. Assignments to be done and the dates they need to be handed in are written down in the daily planner.

The daily planner reminds an individual of work appointments and meetings that need to be attended. It also help to put down dates when bills are due so that they are paid in time. So as not to forget birthdays and special events a planner comes in handy so that one does not forget. A Day planner which is electronic in nature and which is simple to use and efficient is proposed by Popov (2009). This calendar has a simple interface and through it one can feed it events and their dates so that he or she can balance work and studies. Balancing studies, work and family matters can also be enabled by a work schedule. One can work at home and study if the work schedule is well organized. A work schedule may assist in sparing time for reading and doing home duties while at home. Semester classes are planned with a work schedule. Ensuring that studies are not neglected individuals need to plan learning strategies that successful so that they get the most out of the little time that is dedicated to assignments. Learning is a skill and to be good at it one has to practice good studying strategies.

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