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With increasing cases of global terrorism, the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) has been actively involved in screening of baggage for travelers into and out of the U.S. However, in order to secure the top flight performance, TSA needs to adopt several human resource ramifications. The first one is to change the design of the jobs offered under TSA. This was seen as a necessary step because of the professional-ethical issues that arose from the delivery of service. In this case, the employees either stole the baggage of travelers or colluded with criminals to smuggle arms. Therefore, there was a need to change the name of the job from “˜screeners’ to “˜security officers’. This will ensure that the employees take full responsibility not only to check baggage but also to enforce the law to the latter.

A part from change of job design, there are other human resource management ways of securing top flight performance. According to Lusthaus, Inter-American Development Bank and International Development Research Centre (2002), one of the best human resource ways of improving performance is through staff training. In the context of security delivery, employee training is important because of the rise of international terrorism. In addition, according to Aamodt (2012), there is a need to establish a wellness program such as the one initiated by the Vancouver Airports Authority. This is because by being concerned with their welfare, employees get motivated and perform better. In conclusion, to secure the top flight performance, TSA needs to implement the change of job design, train the TSA employees as well as establish a wellness program for them.

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