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Example of a Research Proposal on Workers’ Safety

This would be quantitative research aimed at finding out whether organizations spend money on workers’ safety or not. Depending on the data collected, it is necessary to perform an evaluation of whether organizations experience losses or profits, whether it improves workers’ safety and finally, how much do organizations spend on workers’ safety. These issues will form the hypothesis of the research. In this case, there will be a collection of companies’ data on how much they spend on workers’ safety.

Secondly, there will be data collection on what these companies spend on maintaining workers’ safety. Thirdly, there will be data collection of companies relating to whether there is an improvement in safety or not. Finally, there will be a collection of information relating to losses or profits. After the collection of this data, it is valuable to perform statistical calculations for purposes of deriving conclusions and recommendations. It should be noted that the information collected in each step should be from similar companies.

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Example of a Research Proposal Conclusion

In conducting the research, the first activity is to create questions to be answered at the end of the research. These questions will work as the background of the research because the research will be intending to answer them. After creating the questions, making observations and a background search on how organizations were handling workers’ safety in the past is crucial. At this point, with the information already collected, the creation of a hypothesis is essential.

This hypothesis is going to pass through a series of tests. In this case, the statistical calculation will form a part of the test. Finally, after designing an experiment to test the hypothesis, depending on the results after the test, the hypothesis will be accepted if the statistical calculations do not oppose it. On the contrary, if it is going to be rejected, an alternative hypothesis will be chosen.

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