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Looking through history, we will see that America never was a country that could be recognized by the specific cultural diversities since this was the state of former slaves, criminals, political enemies and people who lost their estates in the Old World. The situation changed after the Second World War. The USA became the country that had lost almost no human or economic resources and had all the perspective to build up its own status. Overall America will become a medium in creating a new lifestyle for people all over the world. We will discover that cultural imperialism is maybe more present in our lives than it was in the times of colonization. This will be because it is spread with no violence, no forcing, and without mandatory requirements. America has become the one leading culturally imperial country with the most influence in the world by the help of its media. Actually, media is the most influential source of spreading American popular culture on an international level.

Nowadays, mass media are the main indicator of behavior for millions of people. We are most likely to follow the examples of living standards that are presented for us on the screen and want to bring in our lives. Mostly, persons are not aware or do not want to be that, to correlate any situation in our mind to something nice or comfortable, the world of commercial television is developed together with a team of psychologists. Let’s take as an example of the commercial of Coca-Cola during Christmas time. What emotions does it bring out within us? There is Santa and beautiful pictures of family and friends getting together, everything in the holidays’ colors and shining garland. These images link us between something beautiful and the time when we feel good and calm. This way Coca-Cola commercial with the melody and slogan “Christmas is coming” has won the world. Almost every person in the planet that has seen that spot correlates the product with his best experiences during the holidays time and sees it as one of the symbols of that period in the year. Mass media have made it possible for this product to win over the audience worldwide.

The same is happening with the American culture of living spreading all over the world. There exist huge problem of disappearing cultural diversities. The world with its globalization process swallows all the things that were correlated to the nation during centuries. This is mainly the problem of getting the American culture into the diverse county by the help of mass media. This process started by the time when a high percentage of people started to immigrate to the USA after the Second World War. During that time, America has become a shelter for all of the miserable ones in the Old World. They spread the idea between their social circles and then it started to be widely known through the mass media. As all the social networks, political debates, TV shows promote America to be the country of freedom; it is hard not to believe in that what is screened before your eyes every day. Moreover, the young generation using internet sources almost 24/7 is constantly link with all the media and the information that is renewed every day. Cultural globalization is a result of the economic activities in the developed countries of news and entertainment (Swallow, 2009). The main problem is the world believes in the image of American culture created by the media and wants to follow it. Since not everybody can immigrate to the State of Freedom,  they are trying to integrate this way of living into their common live for the self-expression. A good example is the emancipation that is highly promoted by the USA. In some countries like Armenia, Israel, India or even Russia, it is not correspondent with their traditional way of behavior. As the mass media promote, the woman and man should be equal, they confuse these nations by doing so. In the countries were the man was always ahead of the woman a new way of thinking is born.

In fact, the whole world has no real picture of the standards of living and common life in America. We only adjust our lives to what is chosen to screen for us. Right now this is the Hollywood productions that we can get to watch on-line or on TV. We watch the serial where everyone wants to be correspondent to one of the heroes and act alike. However, the way of living shown in the series to the world is not a real picture of the live. Although most people have only mental and no physical connection with America, they are willing to trust that. American media is far more than entertainment for many Europeans; it is a cultural experience. So, they start to implement the elements of movies into their live. Therefore, the problem is that living outside the USA they are trying to create America within their home countries.

This kind of influence of the mass media on the daily life of people all over the world creates a huge problem. As a result, countries and their inhabitants are losing actual and valuable inheritance of their ancestors and switching it for the New World’s culture. Furthermore, with the wide expansion of the internet there is no prevention for it. This is a very important issue in today’s world. The latter must be careful by adopting this culture. According to the statement of the Mexican Nobel Prize-winning poet and writer Octavio Paz, “Every view of the world that becomes extinct, every culture that disappears, diminishes a possibility of life.”.

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