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The main point is that everyone seek for healthy interpersonal relationships. Good intimate relationships between genders bring more happiness and satisfaction in life than any money. However, nowadays scientists and psychologist still argue about love and various theories of attraction, intimacy, love, and healthy interpersonal relationships.

One of the theories of attraction state that the feeling appears because of the biological reproduction aptitude. The affection that appears during the open communication between two people causes intimacy and is proved to be an influence of several hormones. The adherents of this theory declare that affection is a chemical process that lasts a particular period of time and then simply disappears. The lack of hormones leads to divorce.

Another theory supposes that love is the result of human need to take care about someone. However, in this case love should not become an obsession when a person instead of loving someone begins to be jealous, instead of giving freedom tries to have complete command. Such love does not bring pleasure, moreover can lead to psychological disorder.

Different types of love and intimacy are clearly illustrated in the novel Notre-Dame de Paris by V.Hugo. Phoebus de Châteaupers feels temporary passionate love to Esmeralda which is called eros in psychology. His feeling is more superficial and is based on the physical affection. Claude Frollo’s love is obsessive, insane, sinful and is known as mania. However, only Quasimodo expresses unselfish and caring feeling. He gave as much as he could and asked for nothing, such love is called agape.

To sum it up it is important to point out that healthy interpersonal relationships are based on three criteria: intimacy, commitment and passion. Intimacy provides close connection between two people, commitment is the pledge of long-lasting relationships and passion is a fire that burns inside two hearts and warms two lives. Love is not a simple emotion; it is a hard work of two people who once decided to make each other happy.

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