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Bullying can be described as a deliberate act of exercising power among human beings with the aim of abusing a person who is perceived to have lesser power for a continuous period of time. In line with this, bullying is a common phenomenon in academic institutions, especially junior schools. As a result, bullying in school is associated with various physical and psychological effects. In reference to Bullock (2002), bullying has been found to cause emotional trauma among school kids; both to those who are bullied and those that think they may be bullied. This creates a hostile environment that affects the performance of children in school. It can also cause stress, loneliness, and low self-esteem among these kids. On the other hand, some form of bullying may cause physical injuries to the children that are bullied (Bullock 2002).

Web and Phones

Bullying does not occur in schools among young children alone. It has also been found out that bullying has found its way into technological gadgets such as the phone and the web or rather the internet. There are people who send cruel and intimidating messages to others through the web and the mobile phone. Similar to bullying in schools, web and phone bullying has serious effects on the victim. First, the victim is affected emotionally, even to the point of being suspicious of everybody that he or she comes across, especially in cases where the victim does not know the bully. In severe cases, such bullying cause depression, and in some cases, the victim may commit suicide to avoid threats from the bully (The Associated Press).

Solutions to Bullying

There are various intervention measures that can be applied to stop bullying in society. To begin with, schools have a responsibility of formulating a set of rules that should be adhered to strictly by all students irrespective of their status in society. Similarly, the government has a responsibility of formulating rules and regulations and a code of ethics that must be adhered to by all web and phone users. To accompany these rules and regulations should be severe punishment which should be applied to everybody that is found violating them. In this regard, bullying would be controlled in society. Parents also need to play a role by teaching their children how to relate with others when they are still young (Carls and Amy 172).

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