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Empowering Older People: Beyond the Care Model. Journal of Social Work

The paper seeks to address on means through which elderly people can be empowered. To be precise, the paper explores the models and strategies that can be employed in order to empower the social work practices that seek to address the elderly. The article comes up with several findings upon which it bases its opinions. The paper appreciates the progress that has to the moment been taken in addressing issues to do with the elderly. The author notes that when ascribing to the medical model, emphasis is laid upon care, whilst the social work one has made attempts to develop approaches that are less medical oriented.  This paper is an appropriate reference and a useful source on the topic of empowering older people as it not only addresses its opinion on the subject matter but also approaches it from the point of view of other aspects of elderly care being precise, the care approach.

A pilot study of young adults with multiple sclerosis: demographic, disease, treatment, and psychosocial characteristics.

The paper is about a pilot study on 99 Latinos suffering from Multiple Sclerosis, commonly referred to as MS. The article is one premised upon a study carried out in light of previous studies in the same area, making the findings to have a credible background. The paper is an appropriate reference and a useful source on the topic based on this factor amongst others. The paper gives a lot of analytical findings on the topic, making it not only about Latinos but also about the condition in the United States. This paper is however limited in several areas. One of them is that the paper fails to address the findings in comparison to other geographical areas. This is a hind back due to the small population that the Latinos present. Regardless of this shortfall, the paper gives a lot of insight not only on the facts but also on the methodology of attaining such results making it a recommended reference in the subject of MS amongst Latinos.

Developing a social work research agenda on ethics in health care. Health social work.

The article is one that has been written on a topic that it appreciates that little empirical research has been done by researchers on the topic. The paper seeks to address issues relating to the ethical issues that face social workers. The paper is a good source of information on different issues surrounding the issue. The paper realizes that the ethical dilemmas facing social workers are multi-faceted and need not receive the cold shoulder that it has seemingly received over the years. The paper however has failed to develop any analytical data on the issue, a shortfall that could be deemed to emanate from the lapse of research in the area. Despite this, the paper forms a good basis upon which further research can be carried out to build on the current research. The paper however leaves a lot of integral aspects of the topic as mere hypothetical questions that have not been addressed in the paper.

Social Work Supervision: An Exploration of the Current Challenges in a Rapidly Changing Social, Economic and Political Environment.

This paper is about the challenges that face supervision of social work, more so in the Western countries. The paper identifies that these challenges have arisen out of the changes that have taken place in the social, political and economic sectors in the fore-mentioned countries. The paper bases its argument on similar arguments being raised with reference to the scholarship and practice of social work. By the paper doing this, it generate an almost similar bases upon which they have developed the paper’s hypothesis. However, this would greatly underpin that having the supervision of social work and the scholarship and practice of the same on the other could bear remote similarities. Despite this apparent shortfall, the article has gone to great lengths to ensure that their arguments are from an informed position by referring to multiple research outcomes. Laying an opinion on all these factors, the presentation of the paper and its findings renders the paper a recommended reference in the topic.

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