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Currently, the world is experiencing global warming where people are experiencing extreme weather conditions. For this reason, companies are expected to reduce pollution in the environment for purposes of reducing global warming. In this case, Emirates is changing their operation activities to reduce direct emissions, indirect emissions and supply chain management. As a result, they reduce pollution and at the same time, they save costs leading to increasing their revenues and reduction of global warming.

The first technique Emirates is using to reduce direct emissions is lowering the weight of their planes. According to Abu Dhabi Airports Authority, Emirates is greatly reducing the weight of their planes leading to an immense reduction of fuel (Kelly 2011). Secondly, they are engaging themselves in corporate social responsibility as part of their policies reducing indirect emissions to the environment. In this case, they are promoting going green initiatives like helping to plant trees in the society. Finally, Emirates is introducing green supply chain practices. In this case, they are trying to reduce unnecessary fuel purchases that will lead to high emissions (Rao & Holt 2005).

To lower the above footprints companies need to make several physical changes. First, industries need to lower their physical consumption by making physical changes to the machines they are using. In this case, Emirates need to create new engines in their planes that are environmental friendly (Environmental Agency-Abu Dhabi 2012). Secondly, they need to use physical changes for indirect emissions. This is where they should plant trees and offer education programs to their employees and the public in relation to ways of reducing pollution. Finally, Emirates need to make physical changes by removing suppliers who are not going green in their green supply chain practices. All these physical changes are likely to reduce emissions to the environment causing a reduction global warming.

Using the KT analysis, Emirates should be extremely careful with the current practices they are using so that they can be able to reduce global warming and at the same time, increase their revenues. For this reason, they should check future problems that might occur with the current practices of reducing fuel and cutting suppliers who are not going green might encounter (Kepner & Tregoe 2012). For instance, they might encounter low quality products and services from suppliers who are going green as compared to the other suppliers who are not going green. Secondly, Emirates need to come up with many ideas where they can build their practices based on them. In this case, they should call a meeting involving all their employees to come up with ideas that are extremely helpful to the organization. This is referred to as brainstorming. In this situation, they will be able to generate many ideas resulting to concrete short-term and long-term ideas.

According to the above analysis, Emirates should continue reducing fuel consumption in their airplanes for purposes of reducing direct emissions. They should gain involvement in environment friendly activities in the society. Finally, they should create supply chain management practices that do not encourage waste production. These recommendations will significantly reduce carbon footprints emissions.

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