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This paper analyses two websites, https://www.nike.com, and https://www.adidas.com that are concerned with the advertisement of two sports companies, Adidas and Nike. The Nike home page features a radial structure where the links have been arranged in a circular manner alongside the edges of the page, these links are namely, at the top: products, featured videos, recent bogs, order status, and at the far top corner; the search icon. At the left rail of the welcome page the links have been arranged in a vertical manner beginning with the Nike symbol followed by the links; shop, customize, sites, Football, Basketball, Women, Nike, Running, Sportswear, and more.  The central part Nike welcome page is divided into upper and lower parts with very striking features. The upper part is a collection of the latest production of sports shoes, the words, “Thinks for your feet.” have been embedded just below. The lower part features some of the high-ranking sports celebrities in various sports with all the Nike productions ranging from foot wares to body wares. The audience to this website is the sports personalities and business community. This site is original and has very reliable information. It is faster in accessing the links on this website.

The Adidas welcome page has a horizontal structure with links to sites arranged horizontally at the upper part of the page beginning with the Adidas symbol. The links include; performance, Originals, Style, catalog, Newsletter, store finder, Global, and product search at the top right corner. This website is meant for sports personalities and the business community. The materials are original and reliable.

I prefer the Nike web page; it is well-organized details in terms of the design and the content. It attracts attention at first contact with it and maintains the focus of the on-looker. The Nike homepage elaborates to the visitor what the company is and what products it offers. It has a clear and brief description of the company’s mission/ purpose. The organizational missions have been communicated through the photos and images of the sports ware and prominent sportsmen and celebrities. The website provides concise and complete information on the background of the company; this allows new visitors to quickly determine the purpose of the company hence connecting to deeper levels with the visiting client.

The website was developed with the idea of visiting clients and the audience, in this case, the sports personalities and the business community. The business communities and the advertisements on the website are clear. This site provides all the necessary business and sports information; the visitors can easily find the products that they are searching for.

The information for the customers and stakeholders has been provided online, this includes an online shop, customized, sites, Football, Basketball sports images, Women, Nike, Running, and images for Sportswear, This website provides information to the customers on the prices of their products and the mode of delivery of the purchases to the customers. The contact information has been given to the customers on who they should contact in case of a failed deal. This is through the contact form or the email address and company’s phone numbers. The design of this website fits the sports company. The inclusion of the youthful sports celebrities in with the grunge styles creates an intriguing appeal to the youths.   To retain the customers and make the website visitors stay up-to-date a dynamic blog of news has been added. This includes a calendar and news items that ensure the audience is provided with information on the company’s new products and the advancements in the world of sports.

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